Hitmakers Denise Julia and DENȲ revealed that they will be releasing a new collaboration soon.

The announcement was made through a TikTok video uploaded by Denise Julia last January 25, which featured a 44-second snippet of the song. The two also revealed that the title of the song would be “don’t matter,” and will come out on February 9.

“What you gon’ do if I were the one / Turnin’ off my phone when I’m out for fun / Say it’s in my head and I’m getting it wrong / Everything I do, it don’t matter no more,” reads the song’s assumed chorus.

This will be Denise Julia and DENȲ’s first single since the release of their chart-topping debut albums, Sweet Nothings Vol. 1 and LOVES7AGE. In a message posted by Denise Julia on the release date of her album, she wrote, “Sweet Nothings is a reflection of my own experiences, as well as the stories of others that have touched my heart. It is a musical journey that unravels the complexities of love.”

In an exclusive interview with Billboard Philippines at her album launch, the singer-songwriter shared, “To me, when I play my songs, I don’t listen as an artist, I listen as the listener, [picking out] what I would relate to. With the first single (“BAD”), it’s so catchy. The melody sticks to you. So, [it made sense] to make it the first song to put out. With the next one (“Lackin’”), [the catchy part are] the lyrics. Everyone relates to it.”

On the other hand, DENȲ recapped her stellar year as an artist by saying, “[E]xperienced a lotta love this year, given and received…had many significant firsts, and I wouldn’t have if not for each and every one of [you]. [T]hank you so much for a fruitful 2023.”

DENȲ recently graced the Billboard Philippines Soundwave stage, where she performed “Kudos (Awit Sayo).

Listen to Denise Julia’s Sweet Nothings Vol. 1 below.

Listen to DENȲ debut album LOVES7AGE here.