Premier folk-pop band Ben&Ben have finally released their latest single.

Titled “COMETS,” the new single tackles the “fleeting nature of a love lost.” This is the band’s first official single of 2024. The track was co-produced by Indonesian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer Petra Sihombing. “He flew in to help us bring the song to the next level, with his own additions in both the arrangement and post production of the track,” shares the nine-piece collective shared in a press statement.

“The band probably had about 90% of the song down, but it was Petra’s very weighty 10% that really helped make the song what it is now.”

Ben&Ben went on to reveal that the song has been in the works for the past few years. They said, “COMETS is a song that we’ve had and performed a few times since 2021 but haven’t officially released yet, it’s been shrouded in quite a bit of mystery and intrigue. The teasers are meant to slowly raise the curtains and give our keen listeners what they’ve been waiting for.”

Additionally, the cover art for the single is supposed to “[encapsulate] the essence of the song with how it likens people in our lives to these bright, beautiful yet fleeting flashes of light. This was conceptualized as a group effort by our very own excellent team of creatives.”

The band also shared a message to their fanbase, Liwanag. They hope that their fans can resonate with the song, especially the lyric, “Though these nights are turning gray, still I am thankful for what’s passed I know there will come a day when I will finally understand.”

They went on, saying, “We’re on the same journey of finding these answers ourselves — of why life is fleeting. And with that hope comes the strength and courage we need to keep going, to keep loving, and to keep on finding meaning in our experiences.”

Ben&Ben were featured in the folk issue of Billboard Philippines, which was released in February of this year. In the cover story, the band talked about the history and trajectory of Filipino folk music as well as their journey as a band. Miguel Benjamin said, “I think with six years as a band… our journey has been one of constant growth and evolution,” Miguel says after the brief pause. “Every year that goes by sa banda (in the band), our sound always evolves and adds on, in ways that are both connected to the roots and also very different from it.”

Listen to “COMETS” by Ben&Ben here.