ABS-CBN’s record label Star Pop has formally introduced its newly formed P-pop group 1621BC through their first single “Laruan“. The six-piece boy band consists of members Pan, Win, Migz, DJ, JM, and JC.

1621BC’s name refers to the “angel number manifestation that one’s desires and goals are beginning to come true.” The BC stands for “Beyond Complete,” translating to how the group will always aim for perfection.

“Being a new boy band in the P-pop scene, we only have one goal and that is to introduce our songs and music that will make everyone cry, smile, celebrate, dance, and sing like it used to be before,” the group collectively said in a statement.

Meanwhile, the group’s debut, “Laruan” tackles a toxic relationship and how one protects themselves against heartbreaks.

Sa generation namin ngayon madami kasi na maling akala at taong paasa kaya no’ng narinig namin ‘yung song [Wrong assumptions and people who toy with feelings are plenty in our generation today, so when we heard the song], it has become a valid awareness of what is the reality of a relationship nowadays especially with our generation,” 1621BC said.

The members have since looked back at their journey toward debuting together, expressing how their long-term hard work has finally paid off.

Sa totoo lang po kahit excited kami, tumatagos pa rin po talaga ang kaba [Although we are excited to be honest, the nervousness still kicks in]. ‘Yun po siguro talaga ang normal na mararamdaman kasi dugo at pawis po ang binigay po ng lahat [Perhaps that is the normal thing to feel since we all poured our blood and sweat into this], including the people who made this possible for us,” the group shared.