With five Grammy Awards under his belt, there’s no doubt about PJ Morton standing out as a towering figure on the scene.

Renowned for his exceptional talent and unwavering commitment to musical innovation from his work as a musician, singer, and songwriter across the past decade, Morton’s contributions span across various genres –– from soul and R&B to gospel and funk. And with a career marked by remarkable achievements, including several award wins, and an exceptional discography with both Maroon 5 and his solo career, there’s no doubt about how Morton has solidified his position as one of the industry’s most versatile and influential artists.

At the heart of Morton’s success lies his unparalleled musical prowess, characterized by soul-stirring melodies, poignant lyrics, and masterful instrumentation. Beyond accolades, Morton’s impact resonates deeply within the music community, where he continues to push boundaries and redefine the sonic boundaries of every project he undertakes.

PJ Morton performing for Wanderland 2024

PJ Morton photographed by Mayks Go/Billboard Philippines.

Luckily for the Wanderland community, it is on the stage where PJ Morton’s artistry truly comes to life. With electrifying live performances that transcend mere entertainment, Morton effortlessly captivates audiences –– inviting them into a shared musical experience as seen with his performance this Wanderland 2024. Backed by a stellar band and dynamic backup singers, Morton’s shows are immersive journeys, where every attendee is being conducted to become an active participant in the performance that unfolds right before them. 

In a quick chat with Billboard Philippines, PJ Morton takes us through the seamless interaction and infectious energy that goes behind his performances, discussing his symbiotic relationship with the audience, and what lies ahead for his ongoing ‘Please Be Good’ Tour and his highly-anticipated forthcoming record.

Manila marks the first stop on the Asia leg of your ‘Please Be Good’ tour. What was it like preparing for the tour? And is there anything you’re particularly looking forward to while you’re in this part of the world?

Yeah, we did some rehearsals! And it consisted of us figuring out if we were going to do any of the new songs that I’d just written. We decided to add “Please Be Good” of course, but some of the other ones we aren’t playing quite yet. I’m excited about them, ready to play ‘em, but it’s really just the energy in this region –– because some of the best fans in the world I think, and so appreciative because it’s harder for us to make it this way. So I think when we’re finally here, and we get to play in places like Asia, and Manila, you can feel the love because it’s really been a while.

As someone who’s been part of the music industry in many different ways, what do you value the most when it comes to music?

I do wear a lot of different hats –– a producer, a songwriter, and an artist. But I think performing though is something that never gets old to me because it’s the instant gratification of seeing the audience react right then. You know, I love writing the song, recording the song, but it is nothing like after you’ve all of that and seeing just how much it’s impacted the people in front of you.

So, what are you most looking forward to when facing your Manila audience later tonight?

Um, I just wanna see if they’re gonna sing along with me. And join along with me. My show is very much a call-and-response give-and-take, so hopefully we’ll get together with that. *chuckles*

PJ Morton performing for Wanderland 2024

PJ Morton photographed by Mayks Go/Billboard Philippines.

So speaking of live performances, you put a lot of thought and care into your live performances. What do you hope people take away from a ‘PJ Morton’ show?

I think our shows, you know, it’s a journey. It takes you up, it takes you down, it takes you up again. I really wanna take people on a journey, I want it to be an experience –– that’s what’s always important to me. I want people to leave feeling fulfilled, and feeling like they’ve received something quite special. So that’s very important to me.

That’s why we, and your fans are so excited to see your set later. So, a while ago you mentioned the new songs you’ve written, so we’re curious as to what the rest of 2024 looks like for you. Are you releasing something anytime soon?

Yeah, I’m releasing From Cape Town and Cairo, which is the album I worked on when I was in Africa. This past year, I did four countries in Africa and wrote an album in 30 days –– from the time I got there, to the time that I left. So we’re gonna be releasing that pretty soon.

“Please Be Good” is the first single from that album, so we’re gonna release that. This is the beginning of the touring, and we’re gonna be touring the rest of the world as well. I am very excited for what’s next.

Listen to PJ Morton’s latest single “Please Be Good” below: