Kat Agarrado, the ‘Pinoy Soul’ singer-songwriter and lead vocalist of Filipino band Sinosikat, is back after almost a two-decade break. To officially mark their return to the local music scene, her band Sinosikat dropped a new single called “Heart Calling”. 

The English track, released via Warner Music Philippines and Pinoy Soul Records, was officially dropped on February 27 with a press conference, followed by a live performance to a packed crowd at 12 Monkeys Music Hall and Pub in Estancia, Pasig . 

Clearly, there is still clamor for Pinoy funk and soul music — the very same that made Sinosikat such a hit in the mid-2000s. Experimenting with a wide-range of OPM music, from jazz, to R&B, blues, and classic rock, the band earned a cult following back then, heralding the beginning of the Pinoy-Soul Movement in the country.


Sinosikat at 12 Monkeys Music Hall & Pub, photographed by Stephanie Mayo

Their last record, titled 2nd Album was in 2009, and Sinosikat disappeared from the radar. 

At the press conference, Kat admitted that during the pandemic, she was already mulling over quitting her music career for good and focus on building a family — but she never stopped making music while on lockdown.

“I couldn’t stop. So I continued writing songs. I also listened to a lot of music from the ‘60s, ‘70s, mga OPM artists, at ang dadami pala. Ang gaganda, grabe! Lalo na mga Pinoy funk. (I also listened to a lot of music from the ‘60s, ‘70s, from OPM artists and there were a lot of them. It was so good, especially Pinoy funk.)”

Finding herself at a crossroads, of whether having another child or restart her music career, the religious Kat said it was “divine intervention” that ultimately provoked her to reclaim her career.

Nanahamik lang ako sa bahay. Wala naman akong ganap. Wala naman akong tinatawagan, pero maraming lumalapit at maraming opportunities that were too big to say no to. (I was just keeping to myself. I didn’t have anything going on. I didn’t have anyone to call, but there were a lot that came to me and a lot of opportunities that were too big to say no to.)”

Kat said her desire to help new and emerging artists also convinced her to rebuild Sinosikat. She hopes to collaborate with artists such as viral pop-funk act Lola Amour, indie artist Isla, and other new talents for future singles, as “a way of giving back.”

“Heart Calling”, said Kat, will be the first of a series of singles this year to be released on Spotify, which she described as “more polished” and “matured” and with arrangements featuring horn sections. These singles, according to the singer-songwriter, will culminate into a new album.

Listen to Sinosikat’s “Heart Calling” here.