Jose Miguel is set on bringing jazz to today’s generations of Filipino music fans.

Inspired by the likes of Elvis Presley, Dean Martin, The Rat Pack, and Frank Sinatra, the Filipino singer-songwriter has found his home in the smooth stylings of jazz. Engulfing listeners in a wave of nostalgia while adding a contemporary twist, Miguel is redefining old-fashioned tunes in his own unique way.

“For me, I’m just a singer who writes about matters of the heart and experiences that I’ve been through. Not the most straightforward but then isn’t jazz the same?” Miguel says to Billboard Philippines. “I’d like nothing more than to have the opportunity to raise our flag through my songs and performances and spread awareness that we as a people have the capability to hit the world stage in the realm of jazz.”

As his first introduction to the world, Miguel has released his debut double singles: “Love Is You” and “Free”. Centered on stories about love and life from the singer’s personal experiences, the two tracks — collectively called Is This Love? — tackle themes of longing and spontaneity as Miguel croons over falling in love, taking chances, and not thinking twice.

Jose Miguel Releases Debut Double Singles 'Love Is You' and 'Free'

Jose Miguel photographed by Ralph Mendo, courtesy of Karpos Multimedia.

“[‘Love Is You’] was the first time that I was really able to be vulnerable while writing lyrics. This song talks about the highs and lows of falling. I’m quite sure some of us have had the pleasure of falling in love with someone who used to be a complete stranger and at some point, that person eventually meant the world to you,” explains Miguel.

“In the first few stages of being in love, I began to wonder if that person who I have such strong emotional feelings for could be ‘the one’. Fast forward through this journey, I found myself writing about the possibility of maybe someday staying,” he continues, adding that he was inspired to write the soulful track after watching Laufey‘s debut Manila show.

On “Free”, Miguel shares, “It speaks about taking a chance on asking someone on a night out in town, while seeing the glamorous city lights and having some wine and the best time. Free also talks about having fun without any judgment and genuinely making a good connection with somebody. Although the song takes a dark turn where one starts to doubt, I then remind the listener that all I want for them to be is free.”

“Love Is You” and “Free” comes as the first release from Jose Miguel’s collection of songs, with two brand new singles set to drop later this year. Listen to Is This Love? here.