Recognized as the nation’s very own girl group, BINI has swiftly made their mark on the local music scene ––  captivating the hearts of millions of listeners around the world in less than three years since their debut. 

Their first two albums “Born To Win” and “Feel Good” marked quite the splash for their entrance on the scene, but it’s the viral success of their recent string of hits like “Pantropiko”, “Karera”, and the recently-released “Salamin, Salamin” have launched these girls into the mainstream for a reason, which is why Billboard Philippines has selected them as the ‘Rising Stars’ for the forthcoming Women in Music event this March 22, 2024.

The group’s vibrant personalities on display have become a key element of their appeal, earning them a dedicated fanbase known as “Blooms” –– whose enthusiasm serves as a motivating force for BINI. Seeing how far the impact of their music has gone, has inspired the group to remain committed to authenticity, resisting industry standards to carve out their own identity, rather than conforming to traditional idol standards. 

With their recent EP “Talaarawan”, the group has showcased their vulnerability in the form of a diary-inspired project that achieves the rare feat of connecting with their audiences on a personal level. Together with the loyalty and support of their Blooms at bay, the success of the project in such a short amount of time marks a promising kickoff in establishing an audience that goes beyond the Philippine borders.

Their commitment to preserving their distinctive charm infused with their catchy and unforgettable hit songs has already laid out all the foundations for success –– so with their expanding fanbase nationwide, BINI looks toward global horizons, inviting fans and newcomers to join them on their promising journey ahead.

For sure, it’s only a matter of time until BINI manages to achieve their goal of “manifesting world domination” –– but with where they are at now, there’s no doubt about these rising stars’ ability to shine bright as they make their mark in the realm of OPM.