Pop singer-songwriter Rob Deniel sits down with The Dawn’s Francis Reyes in this week’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes.

The show, which airs every Wednesday on Spotify, is currently on its second season. Following the theme of “behind the music,” Rob Deniel went on to talk about the making of some of his biggest songs so far, such as “Ulap” (Cloud), “Romcom,” and his latest release, “Miss Miss.”

When talking about “Ulap,” he goes on to share that not much changed from the first demo to the final recording. He had done the song on his phone, which meant that it was easier to use repeating chord progressions and drum beats. “Noong nag-record lang ako sa closet ko, parang doon lumabas yung ibang parts like yung bridge — na uy, bagay sa part na ‘to na sisigaw ko, o uy, bagay sa part na ‘to na hinaan ko yung boses ko bigla.”

(When I was recording the song in my closet, it was like it was just then that all the other parts came out, like the bridge — like, uy, I think it works if I shout during this part or uy, I think it works if I suddenly made my voice quiet here.)

When talking about “Miss Miss,” he shared that one of his inspirations are the veteran indie pop band Orange & Lemons. Reyes comments on how he can hear the influence in the track, and Deniel reveals that he didn’t really make the song with anyone specific in mind. “I want it to be more general, especially sa generation ko na iba’t iba yung nami-miss nila ngayon…ibang memories na di na mabalikan o may tao na gusto nila balikangusto ko talaga magsulat ng kanta na…speaking for my generation din.”

(I want it to be more general, especially in my generation that we miss different things…there are memories that we can’t go back to or people that we want to get back with…I like writing songs that…[speak] for my generation as well.)

Listen to Rob Deniel on Billboard Philippines Volumes below.