In this episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes, hip-hop trio O SIDE MAFIA – composed of Costa Cashman, Gee Exclsv, and Madman Stan – appear alongside producer and frequent collaborator BRGR, revealing some of the craziest tour moments they have experienced so far.

Earlier this year, O SIDE MAFIA, alongside BRGR, achieved Philippine music history by becoming the first Filipino Hip-Hop act to top Billboard‘s Philippines Song Chart. They were able to do this with their catchy, viral collaboration single “GET LOW”. The track and many of their other hits have ultimately led them down a path of widespread fame, recognition, and acclaim. This includes becoming part of Billboard PhilippinesPinoy Hip-Hop Class of 2024 alongside the likes of Hev Abi, FELIP, Illest Morena, and more.

Coupling their continued, well-deserved success in the spotlight with consistently bringing their A-game to each of their performances, one can always expect that the energy is up to a hundred and that anything can happen at any O SIDE MAFIA show. In fact, this has resulted in some wild and, sometimes, unexpected experiences on tour, with the trio sharing three of these moments in particular.

With a chuckle, Costa Cashman shared to host and Billboard Philippines Editor-In-Chief Bret Jackson that whenever they would go on tour or do shows, there would always be the tendency for something to get broken without fail. “May mababasag, may mababali, mauurong, matatanggal [Something would get shattered, get bent, moved back, removed],” stated Madman Stan to back this up.

Adding to this Gee Exclsv also shared how Costa Cashman has grown to love jumping into the audience during their performances. “Lagi mong ginagawa e! Palagi kang tumatalon sa mga tao e [You always do it! You’re always jumping onto people],” he jokingly stated to Costa Cashman with a wide smile.

However, what is probably craziest of these three, as Madman Stan shares, would probably be the one instance when, at a show, a fan approached and proudly showed him their tattoo of Madman Stan’s name across their entire chest. “One time, nag-event kami tapos may pumunta doon na fan. Tapos, inangat niya yung damit niya tapos naka-tattoo sa buong dibdib niya, ‘Madman Stan’. ‘Yun yung pinaka-crazy [One time, we did an event, and a there was a fan who went there. Then, they lifted up their shirt and tattooed there on his entire chest was ‘Madman Stan’. That’s the craziest].”

Alongside these wild tour stories, O SIDE MAFIA looked back on their humble beginnings, remembering how they first formed and came up with their name. With this, they also shared the funny story of how they met BRGR for the first time, how their hit track “20 DEEP” was created, as well as the legacy they want to leave behind and more.

This episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes premiered last June 5, exclusively on Spotify and on Billboard Philippines‘ official Youtube channel.

Watch the full episode featuring O SIDE MAFIA and BRGR on Billboard Philippines Volumes on Youtube below: