In this week’s episode of Billboard Philippines Volumes, folk singer-songwriter Mrld took us backstage on what happens in the lead up to her performances as well as a peek into what it was like seeing one of her favorite artists: Josh Cullen of SB19.

While she says that all of the artists that she shares lineups with are “very cool,” Josh was one who definitely stood out for her. “I saw Josh from SB19 and I’m such a fan…I was so starstruck. Josh, I love you so much.”

While the “An Art Gallery…” act did not share when she met the SB19 member, the paid were both present at the 9th Wish Awards held in January of this year. Mrld went home with the inaugural Spotify RADAR Philippines Artist of the Year Award while Josh took home the Wishers’ Choice Award and Breakthrough Artist of the Year Award for his solo project, and three other awards for his work with SB19.

In his acceptance speech, Josh shared, ““I started my solo career last year lang, and it was really hard to juggle…I’ve been learning a lot, exploring a lot. It’s been a wild year, wild journey. A’TIN, my family, Ocho [the Bullet], lahat ng mga music artists na nandito, kayo ang rason kung ba’t ako nagpapatuloy (all the music artists here, you are the reason I keep going.”

Mrld then recalled that she couldn’t bring herself to talk to him, given he was seated in front of her, but she crossed her fingers and said, “I [was] so sad [because] I was very shy…he was sitting in front. Hopefully, soon. Hopefully, I get to interact with him soon.”

Watch Mrld on Billboard Philippines Volumes below.