Filipino folk-pop band Sugarcane are this week’s guests on Billboard Philippines Soundwave.

Decked out in H&M’s H2 collection, the six-piece act performed their latest single, “Maria Clara.” The band are best known for their string of viral tracks such as “Leonora,” “Kung Maging Akin Ka” (If You Were To Be Mine), “Paruparo” (Butterfly), and “Paalam, Leonora” (Goodbye, Leonora). “Maria Clara” premiered on streaming platforms last March and has since amassed over 700,000 streams on Spotify.

Aside from performing on Billboard Philippines Soundwave, they were featured on the folk issue of the magazine, where they opened up about their experience from their recently concluded busking tour.

“When the idea was pitched to us, we were all on board with the idea even before all the logistical details were finalized. The opportunity to tour diverse locations and share our music with people from various backgrounds filled us with genuine excitement,” shared Froilan Bautista, the band’s drummer.

Bassist and vocalist Carl Guerzon continued, “Busking presented the challenge of delivering our songs more softly without losing their emotional impact. We also worked on how to captivate passers-by who were unfamiliar with our music, hoping to make them appreciate our songs despite their unfamiliarity.”

“The busking experience brought an unexpected transformation to our band,” shares flutist Ronamae Tiñola. “Since joining the group, we had already shared a strong bond, but the busking tour deepened our connections and solidified our unity.”

Read the full story on Billboard Philippines’ folk issue, out now on Sari Sari as well as National Bookstore and Fully Booked branches nationwide. Order your copy here.

Watch Sugarcane perform “Maria Clara” on TikTok here.