Gone are the days when passing around the aux cord was a routine we had to get used to.

Spotify’s recently launched ‘Jam’ feature aims to change the way music is played at house parties and all sorts of social gatherings, given how convenient it makes the playlist-building experience for an entire group of people.

But how exactly does it work, you might wonder? As it is, Spotify already has tons of social features like their ‘Blend’ and ‘Duo Mix’ playlists, but what makes Jam special is that instead of an algorithm or sole individual taking control of the playlist –– it’s a shared responsibility distributed among up to 32 people.

Here, Billboard Philippines takes a closer look at this feature to tell you exactly what it is and why it’s going to change the way music is played when together with friends.

What exactly is ‘Jam’?

Launched last September 26th, Jam is a feature available to all tiers of Spotify users. 

Jam provides an avenue for multiple music enthusiasts to merge their distinct sonic tastes into one, collective playlist. The feature’s specific focus facilitates live, communal listening experiences, catering to gatherings with a maximum of 32 participants. With its capabilities, it gives everyone the opportunity to add to a shared queue of songs in real time.

Though only Spotify Premium subscribers can create a new Jam, any user on the same shared Wi-Fi network will be invited to join the playlist. Other users can also be prompted to join the session via Bluetooth, a shared link via social media or text, or a scannable QR code from the host’s device.

How exactly does ‘Jam’ work?

The host of the listening session can open the Jam feature by tapping the three-dot menu at the top, and select the new option “Start a Jam” from any song, album, or existing playlist that they have. As people begin to join the queue, the host can also see which users added which song to the playlist.

Like the host of any party, the host of the Jam session is still largely in control of what goes on in the playlist –– so you can choose who participates in the Jam, rearrange the track listing, or even remove the songs you don’t want played. However, Spotify also has an option for ‘Guest Controls’ which the host may enable so that everyone could be in equal control of the playlist. 

Additionally, Spotify utilizes its unique algorithm for personalization into the Jam mix to take note of the listening preferences of everyone in the session so that it can provide song recommendation based on tastes of the entire group. Think of it like the same technology that their ‘Blend’ feature has utilized –– but spread out to a larger group of people.

So what makes ‘Jam’ special?

As if it hasn’t been stated above, Jam is Spotify at its most intuitive level –– utilizing their best social features together with its stellar yet personalized algorithm. 

Music has its social function, and Spotify’s Jam takes it to a whole new level. It’s convenient, easy to use, and highly useful in all sorts of social gatherings, while simultaneously doing what Spotify does best, which is to aid all sorts of listeners in the realm of music discovery.

For sure, Spotify’s Jam is going to be a constant presence at house parties –– so don’t forget to invite it as part of your friend group.