Mitski‘s latest single “My Love Mine All Mine” from her seventh album, The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We, is setting significant milestones in Southeast Asia.

The song tallied 145 Spotify Chart entries, topping the Viral 50 Chart in both Singapore and Malaysia. It also claimed the Top 3 positions in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and Vietnam. It also landed on the Spotify Daily Charts and Weekly Charts with Top 15 placements in the Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, the United States, and even the Global charts.

Since its release earlier this October, the song’s streaming volume has quintupled to amass at least 61 million streams, according to data from music marketing agency Blackstar.

Aside from Spotify, the song made waves on other social platforms. “My Love Mine All Mine” topped TikTok’s Viral 50 chart with 650,000 videos created using its official sound to result in 1.2 billion views.

While on Apple Music, it achieved Alternative Chart entries in 82 countries, topping Vietnam and recording similar success in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and the United States.

Mitski previously explained how the song is about “how to love is the best thing I ever did. The most beautiful thing, better than any song I’ve written, any material possession I’ve gained, any achievement. And I wish that after I die, I could at least leave behind this beautiful love in the world.”

The Land Is Inhospitable And So Are We, released on September 15, also includes singles like “Bug Like An Angel,” “Star,” “Heaven,” and “My Love All Mine.”