Celebrating the official launch of Billboard Korea, Billboard President Mike Van shared his dedication and vision to amplify the K-pop industry during a recent press conference held in Seoul, South Korea. 

On April 15, Mike Van, President of Billboard US with oversight of the whole brand globally, held a press conference in Seoul to commemorate Billboard Korea’s official launch and express excitement over highlighting the flourishing Korean music scene. This marks the first visit to Korea by the Billboard President since Penske Media Corporation (PMC) acquired Billboard in 2020. The press event was also attended by Yuna Kim, Publisher and CEO of Billboard Korea.  

Mike Van, Billboard President, courtesy of Billboard Korea.

“At Billboard, we recognize the significance of K-pop and K-music as not just musical genres, but as cultural movements that continue to transcend borders and redefine the landscape of the global entertainment industry,” stated MIke Van in his speech. 

He continued, “With our dedicated team of journalists and music enthusiasts from both the U.S. and Korea, we are poised to further amplify the beauty of K-music through Billboard’s industry-leading platforms and content. From our industry-leading online platforms to engaging live events, Billboard Korea will serve as a cultural ambassador and the destination for all things K-pop, K-music, and K-culture.”

The President of Billboard further emphasized his bright outlook on the K-pop industry. Given the stellar achievements made by numerous K-pop acts on the Billboard charts, Van said that Billboard will keep supporting the entire K-music ecosystem of all genres from Korea, as well as amplifying their volume, quality, and variations.

Yuna Kim, Billboard Korea CEO & Publisher, courtesy of Billboard Korea.

Yuna Kim from Billboard Korea also shared plans for the upcoming publication of Billboard Korea’s first print issue and how Billboard Korea will work with Billboard US at branch levels. Billboard Korea Volume 1 is scheduled for release in June, which will amplify 100 K-pop stars selected by Billboard.

“This inaugural volume will serve as a platform to showcase K-pop stars not only in Korea, but also worldwide,” said Yuna Kim, publisher and CEO of Billboard Korea, during the press conference. “Additionally, as part of our launch efforts, we are planning to host one of the many events organized by the headquarters in Korea this year. Currently, we are collaborating with the headquarters’ content team and editors to brainstorm various ideas. We plan to publish monthly digital covers featuring K-pop stars in collaboration with the headquarters.”

Billboard Korea adds to the list of the publication’s international editions, including Billboard Japan, Billboard Arabia, Billboard Español, Billboard Brasil and others.