It’s always a darn good time with NIKI.

Her latest single, “Too Much Of A Good Time” proves exactly that –– despite quite the departure in sound from the other tracks in her discography. With its funk-inspired elements and groovy bass lines, it’s a completely new sound for the beloved Indonesia singer that feels like a significant evolution from the softer, folk-pop sound of her hit singles.

“‘Too Much Of A Good Thing,’ is this fun, tongue-in-cheek song about desire, imagination, and the playground of excitement and irreverence they create. It’s about that initial anticipation we all know and love where there’s a little extra pep in your step, which I feel translates even sonically, with that timeless, stroll-along-to-the-tempo groove you get when you are momentarily invincible, says NIKI. “I wrote it with my very talented friend Ethan Gruska when I was listening to a lot of Fleetwood Mac and The Beatles, and it was one of the earliest ideas that catalyzed the rest of this album.”

Together with the release of the new single, NIKI dropped a black-and-white music video shot on 16mm film to the track and announced her long-awaited third full-length studio album, titled Buzz. Describing the forthcoming record as her “best album yet”, the 88rising talent further opened up about how the project came about, stating; “I went through an identity crisis. It took a lot of trial and error, and I just stumbled upon pieces of myself along the way. I named it Buzz because it feels like I’m on the precipice of something about to happen.”

Buzz is currently scheduled to be released later this year on August 9, and will include both the singles “Too Much Of A Good Thing” and it’s predecessor “24“. Talking about the latter, NIKI described it as “my attempt at synthesizing my early twenties, and the many humbling things I have learned up to this point in my life — namely, learning to embrace nuance and the idea that life is rarely ever dichotomous. Everyone can be many things at once.”

NIKI buzz album

Courtesy of 88rising

Just last 2023, NIKI visited the Philippines as part of her worldwide tour in support of her 2022 record, Nicole, which features the hit singles “High School in Jakarta” and “Take A Chance With Me.” Aside from Nicole, the pop singer also released her first live album, NIKI: Live at The Wiltern, last May 12.

As we anticipate the release of Buzz from NIKI, make sure to check out “Too Much Of A Good Time” below: