Apple Music is cranking up the volume on user engagement with a significant enhancement to its acclaimed ‘Replay’ feature.

In a strategic move to elevate the user experience, Apple Music is introducing a monthly iteration alongside the established annual retrospective, akin to Spotify Wrapped. This revelation follows the success of the annual edition which showcases a personalized sonic journey that encapsulates users’ listening habits throughout the year. This latest innovative feature delves deeper into the intricacies of individual listening preferences, affording music aficionados a more nuanced and personalized exploration of their musical expeditions –– though spotlighting it a single month at a time.

In its prior incarnation, Replay served up a comprehensive year-end summary encompassing top songs, artists, and albums. While shedding light on overall listening trends, it fell short of capturing the subtleties in evolving tastes and seasonal inclinations. The new monthly Replay seamlessly bridges this gap, furnishing users with a granular perspective on their musical odyssey. To access their monthly Replays, enthusiasts need only visit and log in with their Apple ID. The Replay website now offers dedicated monthly pages, unveiling top songs, artists, albums, and total listening minutes for each specific month.

Enhancing auditory pleasure, users can dive into their top songs chart of the year through their Replay Mix, which undergoes weekly updates. In a recent email, Apple stated, “The Replay Mix that users already know and love also becomes available today for the 2024 calendar year. Users must listen to enough music to qualify for both the monthly insights and the yearly playlist.”

Apple Music’s strategic move to provide monthly Replays aligns with the escalating competition in the music streaming arena. The feature, introduced in 2019, made its debut three years after Spotify’s groundbreaking Wrapped feature hit the scene. Spotify Wrapped has grown to become a cultural sensation, generating social media fervor and heightened user engagement at the year’s close. Hailed as the company’s “biggest marketing campaign” and the “blueprint for modern marketing,” Spotify’s success has spurred Apple Music to create a more frequent and personalized iteration, aiming to secure a larger market share by delivering a more dynamic experience to its user base.

Just recently, Apple Music also announced that they will be implementing an increase in royalty payment for artists who utilize the ‘Spatial Audio’ feature of the platform. According to the update, artists can now earn up to 10% more if their music is optimized for the format –– though this move has been contested by indie labels such as Beggars Group, Secretly, and Partisan Records. These three are among the labels expressing reservations about the new system, as they argue that the model disproportionately benefits major players, potentially leading to a significant loss in revenue for independent labels and their artists.

Taking cues from Spotify’s playbook, other music streaming services, including Tidal and YouTube Music, unveiled their year-end summaries in 2020 and 2021. In 2022, YouTube Music expanded its Recap experience by introducing seasonal recaps, further solidifying the trend initiated by Spotify’s Wrapped.