Weirdly enough, if there’s one thing in music that somehow continues to stand the test of time, it’s the fact that it’s impossible to get a lot of commercial jingles out of our heads.

Whether you constantly hear them while visiting your favorite malls or while watching TV or even just the random ads of Youtube videos, they’re everywhere. Call them timeless novelties or just simply catchy tracks, we undeniably can’t help but sing along with or dance to them.

From involuntarily recalling the lyrics to that one James Reid-led tune whenever we drink Milo to finding ourselves bopping our heads and happily humming along to that distinctly Ben&Ben mall jingle, these particular songs have somehow seamlessly become part of our unconscious no matter where we are or how long it’s been since we last heard them. Be honest, no matter what generation we’re from, there’s no denying how absolutely memorable a ton of them are, right?

Billboard Philippines agrees so we’ve compiled some of our favorite ones together, both for your enjoyment and for one memory-jogging throwback experience. Check the songs out below.

“Our Favorite Place” – Ben&Ben

“You know where to find me: our favorite place”

If you’ve been to any Robinsons Mall in the past year or so, then we can guarantee, you most definitely know this one.

Personally crafted by folk-pop group Ben&Ben for the mall chain, this jingle is one you’ll constantly find blasting on constant rotation through the its PA systems. Thanks to the signature Ben&Ben sound we all know and love, it’s a track so endearing, warm, and welcoming that we can’t help but want to spend another hour or two exploring the offerings of our go-to Robinsons Mall.

“Ang Galing DITO” – Alamat

“Kakaiba ang Pilipino, pwedeng itapat kahit kanino.”

Much like how DITO aims to connect its users, this track from rising P-pop group Alamat serves as a unifying call for every Filipino throughout the archipelago, one which many just can’t help but proudly sing along to.

With its catchy instrumentation and inspirational lyricism, “Ang Galing DITO” spotlights the ingenuity, talent, artistry, and capabilities of every Filipino. It stands as a rallying anthem for our countrymen to come together and show the world what we’ve got – a track worthy of a P-pop group who embodies the diverse and unique cultural facets of the Filipino people.

“Tikman” – Eraserheads

“Halika, tikman ang langit.”

Ever heard of Burger Machine? For some, you may not have any idea what it is anymore. But back in the 80’s to the 90’s, it was countless people’s go-to for affordable and filling burgers. Its stalls dotted many streets and gas stations across the Philippines. It was a fast food phenomenon for Filipinos and, at one point, they even had OPM icons, the Eraserheads write a song for them that became synonymous to the burger joint. This was how “Tikman” was born.

Though their stalls may seem few and far between nowadays, the memories that came from eating at Burger Machine back then remain timeless –much like the track the Eraserheads personally handmade (or should I say, handcooked) for them.

“Sweet Linamnam” – Janella Salvador

“Take a break at sweet linamnamin ang bawat sandali.”

Whether you needed a boost for a full day at work or a long night of studying, this little caffeine-fueled tune got stuck in our heads.

Bright and chipper like a perfect serving of coffee, “Sweet Linamnam” is a perfect pick-me-up from actress-singer Janella Salvador. So whatever you’re facing today, breathe for a minute, prepare your favorite tasty mixture of coffee, sing this song, and you’re ready to face the the day (or night) ahead!

“Gandang Vitakeratin” – BINI

“Oh yeah, oh yeah, I’m feeling beautiful. Gandang hair, gandang salonlasting. Gandang para sa akin.”

We’ve all been there. We go to a salon and come out with our hair looking like it’s been blessed by the heavens. But for some reason, we can never manage to maintain this divine quality at home.

Have the same problem? We feel you and so does the Nation’s Girl Group, BINI. Which is why with boppy track like “Gandang VitaKeratin”, BINI ensures no more bad hair days, leaving you confidently feeling good and looking good.

“Unti-Unti” – UDD

“Hanggang wala na ang luha sa puso ko. Hanggang sa muli, tayo rin ang magtatagpo.”

Slowly but surely, this song captivated our hearts (and attention) many years ago thanks to that one special Valentine’s video from Globe Studios. An ode to a love found and lost, UDD‘s “Unti-Unti” has helped listeners open up hearts and share their stories ever since its release. Today, it still serves as a way for us to fondly look back on long-forgotten memories while having the courage to finally let go altogether.

“Beat Energy Gap” – James Reid

“Help beat energy, energy gap! Beat energy gap! Drink Milo every day!”

This one. We think many of us can absolutely agree hold this song had (and, honestly, continues to have) on everyone.

Whether we heard it through ads on TV or while watching our favorite Youtube videos, “Beat Energy Gap” – courtesy of singer and actor James Reid – was and continues to be a surefire way to give us some much needed renewed vigor whenever we hear it. Couple it with warm or cold cup of Milo, this undeniably fun track is sure to help us kick-start our day the champion way.

“Tara, Summer Na” – SB19

“Tara, tara na, summer na! These are the moments we’ll remember!”

For countless Filipinos lately, you’ve seen their bright-as-the-sun smiles every time you open your Gcash app. But did you know that SB19 actually has a song with them?

Just in the time for the hot humid months, SB19 is serving us with good vibes and positive energy through “Tara, Summer Na!”. So get your shades and wear your sunscreen as this upbeat EDM offering from the P-pop icons is sure to have you bouncing around and get you in the perfect summer mood. “Tara, summer na!” indeed!

Which ones are your favorites? What other ad campaign tracks or jingles can’t you get out of your head? Let us know.