Traveling is all about experiencing a new place, but there are so many ways to do it. 

You can plan every hour of your trip, to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time in a new city, or take it easy and opt for some peace by the beach. You can head out to a new party every night or take on all the food spots during the day. You can venture out by yourself or surround yourself with friends. 

Regardless of how you choose to travel and spend your days in a whole new world, there’s a song that will aptly keep you company and a Security Bank credit card that will keep you safe and secure.

From non-expiring rewards points and cashback on your purchases, to exclusive perks when you dine or shop locally or abroad,  and international airport lounge access so that you can unwind while waiting for your flight, Security Bank credit cards lets you have the holiday that you’ve always dreamed of. 

So, to soundtrack your travels with Security Bank, here’s Billboard Philippines’ list of songs for every kind of traveler. 

Lone Wolf: “Los Baños” – Sugarfree

“Cause I’ve seen a million faces, I’ve been lost in many places”

Traveling solo is intimidating but always a meaningful experience. You’re discovering a new place all on your own, following no one’s rules but yours all while learning so much about yourself and this new mythical land. 

You’re bound to get lost or find yourself wandering in circles, perplexed by new challenges or even in tears and wanting to go home — but even then, you’ll meet dozens of new people, experience adventures unlike any other, and have the time of your life exploring a new city. So, what better song to soundtrack the joyful complexities of traveling solo than with Sugarfree’s “Los Baños”, from the band’s 2009 album Wakas?

Type A Planner: “Takin Over” – G22

“Put the piece together, jigsaw puzzle, so you’ll get it. It’s me, princess, I’m taking over”

Let’s face it, no matter how enjoyable traveling can be, it can still be ultimately stressful. From piecing together your itinerary to making sure every part of the plan goes smoothly, making sure you’re getting the most out of your travels is not a task for the weak. 

So, for all the Type A planners out there, G22’s “Takin Over” might just be the travel anthem for you. It’s fierce and powerful because with your detailed schedules, spreadsheets and organized folders, absolutely nothing can take you down. 

Carefree Kaladkarin: “Saan?” – Maki

Nais kang makasama, saan ka?”

Where there’s a Type A Planner, there’s a Carefree Kaladkarin. These are the friends who are down for anything and anywhere as long they’re in good company. Just tell them where to show up, what to bring, and how much to pay, and they’ll be there. Just like Maki naming all the places he’d go to meet a lover once again in  “Saan?”, your Carefree Kaladkarins are just about down for anywhere and everywhere.

Adventure Makers: “Open Road” – The Ransom Collective

“We’ve got the open road. Nothing but blue skies”

Adventure is where these kinds of travelers’ hearts lie. Whether it’s thrilling outdoor activities, or taking on this brand new city as if it was always yours, experiencing what life has to offer is what fuels their travels. 

The Ransom Collective’s “Open Road” is perfect to match that same tenacity and fiery spirit. The track feels like it intensifies every moment to feel like a cinematic reel, charging every experience, no matter how minute, into one you’ll remember for a lifetime. Even in the band’s music video for the single, they’re taking on the province, enjoying everything it has to offer. 

Fearless Foodies: “Bok Love” – Therese Villarante, Kurt Fick

“Ugma lang ta mag diet ha”

What’s traveling without indulging in delicious food? They always say the best way to your heart is through your stomach and nothing beats falling in love with a new place then with its food. 

Rightfully so, “Bok Love” by Therese Villarante and Kurt Fick is for all the travelers out there whose mission is to eat their way through a city because there will definitely be days where you’ll say “Ugma lang ta mag diet ha [Let’s just go on a diet tomorrow]”.

Party People: “Turn Up” – KAIA

“Live it up, go crazy. No need to worry”

Sometimes the best parties are the ones that are happening so many miles away. From your favorite artists’ concerts overseas or just a dance floor in a new land you need to get on, there are just those times where you need to venture far and wide to have the best night of your life. To keep you company on your travels and keep your spirits high and hyped, “Turn Up” by KAIA is definitely for you.

Chill Seekers : “Gising Na Gising” – Peaceful Gemini, Skeematic

“Contented with the peace that I’ve reached in this entity”

Peace and serenity – this is all Chill Seekers want in life. They set out far to take a break from the busy and noise of their daily lives, and understandably so — who doesn’t want some R&R? So, for those who just want to take a nap by the beach and indulge in the luxuries of having no responsibilities, you definitely need to listen to Peaceful Gemini and Skeematic’s “Gising Na Gising”.