It seems as if Beyoncé has found herself a new “shotgun rider” in young Tyler.

Tyler, the adorable Filipino 2-year-old sensation who recently captured hearts worldwide by dubbing himself pals with the one and only Beyoncé, received a delightful surprise from the megastar herself. Bea Fabregas, Tyler’s mother, delightedly shared the moment on her Instagram, showcasing Tyler’s radiant smile next to a stunning bouquet of Beyoncé’s favorite blue flowers.

Fabregas didn’t just stop at the photos; she graciously provided a glimpse into their joyous moment, offering close-ups of the flowers and shots of Tyler gallivanting with his new stuffed horse companion.

beyoncé tyler gifts special package flowers fabregas

Courtesy of @beafabregas

The proud mom took to her caption to announce the heartwarming development, expressing her gratitude to Beyoncé and her team for making Tyler’s dreams come true stating:

“BEYONCE VIDEO UPDATE 🤯 For the record @beyonce and Tyler are now actually, officially friends!” the proud mom wrote in her caption.

“Through the power of Queen B’s internet (millions of views and likes it’s crazy!) she saw the video and sent over some of her favorite blue flowers, a new animal best friend for Tyler and the sweetest message that our family will now always treasure. In her note (which she started out with “To my friend Tyler” ) she said, “I see your halo, Tyler.” Fabregas went on to thank Beyoncé and her publicist, saying that it “blows our mind” to know that the pop icon watched her son’s video.

“Thank you to everyone who shared it, commented, liked it. Tyler maybe too young to remember all this, but i’ll always remind him to dream big and shoot for the stars!! BEYONCE SENT MY BABY FLOWERS!!!!” She shared.

The entire saga began when Fabregas shared a video on Instagram featuring Tyler’s innocent inquiry about Beyoncé’s whereabouts, igniting a viral sensation that the world found very endearing. Upon learning that Beyoncé is “in her house,” Tyler eagerly inquires if he can pay her a visit.

Though his mother gently clarified, “No, sweetheart, we haven’t met her in person. She’s not a friend of Mama’s, and she doesn’t live here either.” Yet remaining undeterred, Tyler still beamed at the cameraand insists, “But she’s our friend, Mom. Beyoncé is my friend.”

beyoncé tyler gifts special package flowers fabregas

Courtesy of @beafabregas

Just recently, Beyoncé dropped her latest album Cowboy Carter –– which Billboard Philippines described as an “an instant classic destined to resonate across generations as both a musical triumph and a cultural touchstone.” The critically and commercially acclaimed album serves as the second installment in the musical juggernaut’s conceptual trilogy, following after 2022’s Renaissance. Upon it’s release, Cowboy Carter took over the Billboard charts –– holding the #1 position on the Billboard 200, US Folk Albums, and Top Country Albums charts.

As we find ourselves endeared by Tyler and Beyoncé’s friendship, feel free to revisit Cowboy Carter below: