It’s officially concert and music festival season.

Whether you’re an experienced concertgoer or a newbie to the scene, concerts are an event that you definitely need to prepare yourself for. From the winding lines to hectic fights to the barricade to the anticipation of being mere seconds away from seeing your favorite artist, there’s a lot you’ll go through on concert day.

To not only survive but also have a great time and make the most of a memorable evening, you need be prepared with essentials that will power you through the day. It’s the reason why it’s no wonder that concert essentials packing videos are all over the internet. Making sure you’re prepped to go allows you to enjoy all the fun at a live music event without worrying about any unforeseen incidents.

To help you pack for your next con, we prepared our list of recommendations to keep you fresh and worry-free at any concert or festival you find yourself in.

Crossbody Bag

Keeping your hands free is a must at a concert. Luckily, you don’t have to look far to find the perfect blend between form and function. UNIQLO’s round mini shoulder bag line went viral for a reason — its compact and lightweight size can withstand the busyness of concert queues and the excitement of the concert proper. Wearing a crossbody bag keeps your hands free to move around and capture a concert’s best moments while keeping your personal effects safe and within close reach.


If you’ve been to the Philippine Arena, you already know how hot it can be. Whether you’re waiting outside or in the line for merchandise, sunblock is an absolute essential to protect your skin from the sun. The Y.O.U Sunbrella Airy Outdoor Sunscreen Spray from Y.O.U Beauty boasts of SPF50+ and is lightweight on the skin. Don’t forget to reapply every two hours for maximum protection.


Don’t underestimate the loudness of live music and a concert crowd. Earplugs are definitely an underrated concert essential. Thankfully, Loop’s Experience earplugs are specifically designed to tune out the high, harmful frequencies during music events, making sure that you can still enjoy a concert without having to sacrifice your health.


In a world of concert fancams, powerbanks are your best friend. Keep your phone fully charged for a concert with a trusted brand like Anker. Their 523 PowerCore Slim powerbank doesn’t just last long, it’s slim form factor also makes it a perfect powerbank that fits easily in your bag.

Wipes and Tissues

Whether it’s wiping off sweat or sanitizing your surroundings, Sanicare’s On-The-Go Kits include everything you need to stay fresh and clean when you’re, well, on the go. Their kits are composed of alcohol spray, sanitizing wipes, facial tissue, and soap thins that are the perfect companions to staying fresh wherever you are.

Mini Fan

Jisulife has proven itself as a leading brand in the portable fan world, and its no wonder that their fans are featured in almost every concert essentials video. Their rechargeable mini fan features five speed gears to fit whatever you need to beat the heat. It also features increased air power and doubled fan blades — an upgrade from their earlier lines.

Blotting Paper

Just because you’re at a concert, doesn’t mean you have to push through the oil and sweat buildup. Happy Skin’s Roller Blotting Paper is innovative in the way that it allows you to determine how much paper you want to use instead of resorting to pre-cut papers. If you’re conscious about producing waste, look no further. They also have an Oil Control Volcanic Roller, which uses a real volcanic stone to blot away oil and leave your face naturally matte.

Pain Relief Patches

One of the things that aren’t talked about the most when it comes to concert essentials is medical care. Standing, dancing, and singing for hours is no joke on the body, and that’s why you need to keep a pain relief patch on hand to help soothe any unwanted muscle pain that may happen during the event. For Filipinos, Salonpas is definitely a tried and tested partner to soothe any pain.

What about you? What are your underrated concert essentials?