Summer is right around the corner, and with it comes the signature Philippine summer heat. For the avid music lover, it’s important to stay comfortable whether you’re at an open-air music festival or at an underground bar gig. Thankfully, UNIQLO’s Bratop collection has a wide variety of tops that make you feel free and comfortable whether you’re at home, work, school, or at a gig.

The UNIQLO Bratops are tops with built-in bras that provide the same support as traditional innerwear. They were specifically designed to be worn for different occasions and serve as a flexible styling option — perfect to wear for any season, anywhere.

Check out our list of how to style your UNIQLO American Sleeve Cropped Bra Sleeveless Top to keep you looking chic and comfortable at a gig below.

From Work to Play

Being able to make a seamless transformation from day to nightwear can be tricky, but UNIQLO’s Bratops make for versatile tops to base whole outfits on. If you use the Drapey Denim Pleated Pants for the bottoms, you can layer the top with a blazer for the office and switch it out for a denim jacket at night. Pair the ensemble with sneakers and a cotton canvas bag, and you have the perfect go-to outfit to stay cool and collected wherever you go.

Lounge and Listen

The best aspects of UNIQLO’s Bratop is that it provides comfort, convenience, and style. If you find yourself lazing around at home and decide to spend the evening at a gig, you can wear the UNIQLO Bratop with their Linen Blend Easy Pants and a Premium Linen Long Sleeve Shirt to dress up your loungewear.

Athleisure Lover

If you’re an athleisure gal, don’t look any further — you can pair your UNIQLO Bratop with the trend’s essentials, like leggings. What’s great about this is that it’s not just for fashion purposes, athleisure is a great fashion style that makes it functional even in a gig setting. At gigs, you can see people moshing and dancing around, and you can be a part of the fun too!

Girl Next Door

Live out the coming-of-age main character energy at an underground gig with the UNIQLO Bratop. If your fashion sense is more on the casual side, you can put together a timeless girl-next-door look with denim shorts and layer your Bratop with a Mesh V Neck Long Sleeve Short Cardigan.


One of the biggest trends taking over the gig scene today is the return of goth fashion, thanks to artists like Zild, One Click Straight, and more. UNIQLO’s Bratop can be styled in this way, especially when you pair it with all-black outfits like a maxi skirt, bucket hat, and leather loafers.

The UNIQLO American Sleeve Cropped Bra Sleeveless Top has proven itself to be one of the most versatile items on the market today — not just in terms of how you can style it, but the fact that it allows for women of all types and backgrounds to feel free to dress how they want without sacrificing comfort. So whether you’re at a gig, at work, heading to the gym, or chilling around the house, your UNIQLO Bratop is there to make you feel confident and comfortable at the same time.

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