Let’s face it, being a music fan is not cheap. From buying merch and physical albums to splurging on concert tickets, there are a lot of places our money goes to. 

While we would all love to spend everything we have on music, we also need to be smart with our financial choices — whether that means cutting back on spending or finding new ways to hack our purchases, like with Security Bank’s line of credit cards.

To carry out our best musical lives in peace and harmony without rocking too much out of our wallets, here are five money saving tips every music fan should consider. 

Set A Budget

Just like how we meticulously curate our playlists, our budget should receive the same attention. Setting specific spending limits and staying within those guidelines is important to be able to meet our needs, both in life and for the love of music. 

Make sure to add to your savings as well, so that your concert funds gradually builds itself up (with all these concert announcements, you’ll surely need it).

Determine Your Priorities

In the last two years, more and more of our favorite international artists are making their way to our part of the world, if not directly to the Philippines. From Coldplay and Fall Out Boy to upcoming shows by Ed Sheeran and Janet Jackson, our hearts are jumping with joy.

While it would be an absolute dream to make it to every single one of these shows, it’s just not financially feasible to pour out all our money into concert tickets. Make a list of your financial priorities so that your money is going to the right places first — i.e make a list of all the artists you must see and make sure your concert fund is going to these shows first. 

When you do buy these concert tickets, make sure to use a Security Bank credit card (like their Platinum and World Mastercard), so you can earn up to 3x reward points.This way, even with those big purchases, you will save and get more when you redeem rewards. 

Find Ways To Cut Back

Realistically, as much as we want to save, we’ll always just end up spending one way or another — there will always be some show to attend to or some album to have. So, the least we can do is find ways to cut back. 

Whether that is getting cheaper concert tickets or commuting to and from a venue or opting to eat at home before heading to a gig, there are always small little ways we can find to save some cash. 

Use Your Credit Card When Traveling 

There’s nothing more exciting than traveling for a concert, whether it’s catching music festivals across Asia or finally getting to watch your favorite artist in the next country over. While these might be expensive experiences, there are still ways to save as you go about your musical adventure. 

With the accumulated points you earn from Security Bank rewards credit cards, you can exchange these for miles to save on flights. You can also enjoy discounts when booking accommodations or activities. On top of these you get FREE access to local and international airport lounges so you can travel in comfort and style. It is also much safer and secure to use your credit card because at the end of the day, saving is also knowing exactly where your money goes. 

Hack Your Purchases Further With Deals

Regularly keep an eye out for deals and discounts at your favorite stores that you can only access when you pay with your Security Bank credit card. For those big purchases, make it lighter on the pocket by paying in monthly installments at 0% interest, if available. These deals, together with the rewards points you earn, lets you maximize every peso you spend.