Being an icon is not for the faint-hearted and only a few can bare its weight.

On March 22, Pilita Corrales was awarded the Icon Award at the first Billboard Philippines Women In Music by Billboard Philippines‘ Editor-in-Chief Bret Jackson. In his speech, he shines a light on the incredible women who reached new heights and broke glass ceilings in the music industry – namely, the respected and revered Corrales.

“There is no question that Pilita Corrales is an institution of the country’s music industry with a legacy spanning decades. Pilita Corrales is a pioneer in bringing Filipino artistry to the world,” he says.

“Throughout her storied career, Pilita was soft but firm in her decisions, especially when it came to her family. She had a wanderlust in her that was strongly tethered to her homeland. 135 albums. Asia’s Queen of Songs. Filipino icon.”

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