Vispop superstar Kurt Fick is back with his first single of the year, “Unta Tanan” (roughly translated as “I wish I had what you all had,” or in Filipino, sana all.) He already established himself as a strong contender in the Visayas music scene when he skyrocketed to the mainstream with “HAHAHAHasula” (HAHAHAHassle), which is considered as one of the biggest Vispop hits

Kurt Fick Unta Tanan

Fick: Courtesy of Kadasig

His 2022 release “DI NA” marked his shift into a more disco, funk, R&B and soul sound. His songs are filled with groovy bass lines, 80s disco-style booming synths, and shiny chimes. “Unta Tanan” follows suit amazingly. It still pulls from the same 80s inspirations, but he takes it into a different direction by leaning more into the upbeat and grander songs from the decade. The track brings out the spirit of the Manila Sound era, like The Boyfriends’ “Sumayaw Sumunod” or VST & Company’s “Disco Fever.”

Kurt Fick

Fick: Courtesy of Kadasig

One of the standout qualities of the song is Fick’s vocal prowess. His falsettos are crystal clear, his belt is strong, and his impressive vocal riffs make the lyrics hit home even harder. He sings about heartbreak, wishing that he was chosen and loved instead. He belts out, “Salamat nalang sa tanan” (Anyway, thanks for everything) over an impressive guitar riff that matches the intensity of his voice. Yes, it’s another hugot love song, but the Silk Sonic-like sound transforms the track into something new and exciting for audiences to listen to. Fick has reinvented his music in a way that shows that he’s an artist that’s here to stay, not just to the Bisaya audience, but to the country and even the world at large.

As he rests on his laurels, it’s interesting to see where he takes this sound even further. His discography is a testament to the fact he’s only getting better with time. It’s extremely clear that Fick pulls off this style flawlessly — unta tanan.

Listen to Kurt Fick’s “Unta Tanan” below: