The Ransom Collective violinist and singer Muri is coming back with a new single.

On May 24, Muri, whose real name is Muriel Gonzales, announced on her social media the upcoming release of her latest single “Afternoon”. It is set to come out this coming June 7 and can be pre-saved here. It is slated to be part of her upcoming debut EP that is due for release this year as well.

In a press statement, Gonzales, who is currently based in London and Paris, reveals that, “Afternoon” was “inspired by her personal experiences as a young woman navigating career and life challenges entirely on her own, in a country far away from home.” Elaborating on the upcoming single, she states that she has been working on “Afternoon” for some time now, stating, “Without revealing too much about the creative and thought process behind ‘Afternoon’, I actually find it freeing to open up about being vulnerable and share a piece of myself through songwriting. Sometimes, expressing what you really feel helps you gain a deeper understanding of yourself as a person and as an artist. Making the entire track was both a journey and a reflection. I can’t wait to share it with the rest of the world.”

As Gonzales continues working on her forthcoming EP, she also stated she has plans to perform her new songs around Europe as well as Asia this year as well.

“Afternoon” was preceded by Gonzales’ 2022 single “Letters”, which eventually saw her earn a nomination for the Wish Awards’ Wishclusive Contemporary R&B Performance award as well as Favorite Female Artist at the 35th Awit Awards. Following this, her collaboration with electronic music artist LUSTBASS for a remix of her 2021 track “Thunder” earned them a Best Remix Recording nomination at the 36th Awit Awards.

While waiting for “Afternoon” to arrive, listen to Muri’s “Letters” below: