Veteran rock band Tanya Markova just dropped their latest album, Ang Mga Awitin Ng Normal Na Tao (Songs For Normal People).

This is their first full-length release since the Mister Tililing EP in 2016. Ang Mga Awitin Ng Normal Na Tao is a 16-track album that compiles previously released singles like “Iglap” (Moment), “Tear Gas,” “Hid-man,” and more. In a Facebook post just released before the album’s launch date, the band shared, “The wait is over. Lalabas na mamaya ang buong 3rd album ng Tanya Markova (The full third album of Tanya Markova is coming out later).”

“Picture Picture” off their debut self-titled record was featured in Billboard Philippines’ list of top 15 Pinoy rock songs of the 2010s. In the spiel, we said, “When Tanya Markova’s debut single came out at the start of the decade, people either loved it or hated it, with the latter camp dismissing it as a joke of some kind. But further listens of the song (as well as the band’s excellent self-titled debut album) revealed their love of alt rock favorites like the Flaming Lips and They Might Be Giants. It sounded like nothing else on the radio at the time, and you couldn’t get it out of your head.”

The band is known for their energetic live performances, such as their recent set at Bobapalooza 2024. When describing their performance, we shared, “Tanya Markova delivered their signature style of performance, injecting several comedic aspects into their set. Whether it was throwing items to the audience like a T-Rex Toy and confetti, their set seamlessly blended physical comedy with exceptional music –– creating a highly entertaining experience that captivated the entire audience.”

“The band’s skillful combination of humor and musical talent not only showcased their versatility but also ensured the crowd was fully engaged throughout the entire performance Even MowMow, who usually doesn’t sing, performed a humorous medley of Bruno Mars songs –– to which the audience went absolutely wild for.”

Listen to Ang Mga Awitin Ng Normal Na Tao by Tanya Markova below.