Sponge Cola are back with a new heartfelt track that is sure to resonate with K-drama fans right now.

Entitled “Tatlong Buwan” (Three Months), the new single by the Filipino rock veterans is said to explore “a couple’s journey towards healing and reconnection.” It is inspired by the on-going hit Netflix K-drama series Queen of Tears, starring Kim Soo Hyun and Kim Ji Won in the lead roles. It is out now via Sony Music Entertainment.

Tatlong Buwan is inspired by the love story of the main characters of Queen of Tears. It helps that it’s a series; you really get to know the characters. You see why they’re the way they are. Sociological factors, family ties, trauma,” expounded frontman Yael Yuzon on the track in a press statement. “You see how they’re all shaped and the push and pull of every character. Ultimately, there’s just so much clarity in the way the narrative unfolds that it’s so easy to empathize, which makes it easier to feel and easier to write.”

In the same press statement, it was revealed that Yuzon wrote the new track as soon as he finished watching the 10th episode of the show. It inspired him to write with “newfound vulnerability” as the song reflected “the urgency of the moment”. He immediately recorded it with the help of producer Angee Rozul at Love One Another Studio the next day before having it was mixed and mastered by Joey Santos.

The new single is also set to have its very own music video. Serving as an added tribute to the series and Yuzon’s love for K-dramas in general, the music video was filmed in South Korea at key locations from the series. “There’s something engulfing about visiting locations where great narrative moments took place. It’s like these places witnessed so much emotion that there’s still some of it left,” stated Yuzon.

Be sure to look out for it and see if you can identify any of the locations from the series when the music video releases this Friday (April 26) at 7 PM on Sponge Cola’s Youtube channel.

In the meantime, ready your tissues and soju by listening to Sponge Cola’s “Tatlong Buwan” below: