Mike Elgar may now doing his own thing.

Known for his work as the lead guitarist and one of the lead vocalists of the iconic rock band Rivermaya, Elgar has dropped a new song titled “We Are Not Heroes” under a new moniker Greenman Six. The track was posted on his official Facebook page, with no caption or description listed. Yet upon clicking the attached link, it brought viewers to the music video of the song under Greenman Six’s newly-formed YouTube channel.

The track was received with positive acclaim from listeners, but some have speculated whether or not the beloved guitarist was still a part of Rivermaya’s current lineup. There has been no official announcement from Elgar nor the band regarding anyone’s departure at the moment. though he has been absent at recent Rivermaya shows since the reunion of the band’s classic lineup last February. Prior to joining Rivermaya in 2001, Elgar had been the singer and guitarist of 7 Foot Jr., which released a new single in March.

Whether or not Elgar has left Rivermaya, his new musical venture as part of Greenman Six promises a new avenue of upcoming music and potential success for the celebrated musician.

As we look forward to what lies ahead for Mike Elgar, listen to Greenman Six’s “We Are Not Heroes” below: