Indie singer-songwriter Keiko Necesario opens up about married life and its challenges in her latest single, “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari.”

The pop-rock track focuses on Necessario’s journey drawing strength from love and spirituality –– baring her entire self as she candidly navigates a turbulent chapter from her marriage where she finds solace in both her faith in God and the unwavering support of her husband.

Reflecting on the inception of the track, Necessario shares that it emerged during a period of financial strain, where she and her partner grappled with limited resources and mounting obligations. “There was a moment last year when our bank account dwindled to just 700 pesos, and we were confronted with bills and responsibilities,” she reveals. “Despite the challenges, we chose to hold onto hope, recognizing that hardships ebb and flow. Our belief in God as our provider sustained us, ultimately inspiring the creation of this song.”

Unlike the rest of her discography, Keiko assumes a more assertive stance both musically and thematically, co-writing and co-producing the track alongside her bassist, Charles Bautista. The final result is one that channels the spirit of the late 90s and early 2000s OPM alternative rock sound – as it captivates listeners with its pulsating guitar riffs, lush arrangements, and heartfelt songwriting.

Recalling the collaborative process behind the song, Keiko expresses admiration for her co-producer, Charles Bautista, lauding his dedication and focus in the studio. “Working with Charles has been a delight,” she shares. “His commitment to the craft is evident, and despite his busy schedule, he remains fully present and engaged. I’ve conveyed my gratitude to him and even to my husband, acknowledging Charles’ unparalleled work ethic and unwavering support throughout this journey.”

Just this year, Necesario released two singles, “PLANETA” and “INAY“, which dropped earlier this March and May 2024. The latter was released as a special ode to mothers just in time for Mother’s Day and was also the fruit of her collaborations with Bautista.

To celebrate the release of “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari”, Necesario will be hosting a special launch event at the Brewing Point Music Lounge in Fisher Parkway, Quezon City tomorrow (June 1) from 7:00 PM onwards. The event will include special performances by Barbie Almalbis, Janine Tenoso, Clara Benin, and Cheenee Gonzalez. Tickets are available here.

Listen to Keiko Necesario’s “Kahit Pa Anong Mangyari” below: