Karencitta has officially left Universal Music Group, as of January 31.

In a statement posted by the Cebuano rapper-singer last night, she wrote, “The Karencitta brand has parted ways with Universal Music Group. Thank you to my former team for standing by me every step of the way. Their belief in my craft has been invaluable, and I am thankful for the opportunities they have provided me.”

“I made my breakthrough in this industry as an Independent Artist and I am confident that I can navigate my way through it better independently. Rest assured, this decision was made amicably and with mutual respect between all parties involved. This is a natural progression in the journey of an artist.”

She goes on to share to her fans that “this transition does not mark the end, but rather a new chapter together.”

“Your unwavering support has been the driving force behind my passion, and I am committed to delivering music that you love.”

Karencitta also included in the statement that she will be releasing her first single as an independent artist again this February 14. More details have yet to be revealed.

The rapper-singer first rose to mainstream fame with the release of “Cebuana” in 2017, which went viral in the same year. She released her debut album, Cebuana Persuasion, in 2019. She broke her two-year hiatus last year, with the release of singles such as “BLOW!,” “6SENSE,” and “F.U.I.L.Y” featuring fellow rapper Pricetagg. She signed with Def Jam Philippines (under Universal Music Group) in 2023.

While waiting for her new single to drop, listen to “F.U.I.L.Y” below.