Offering a fresh take 23 years later, Incubus have revisited Morning View.

On May 10, the American rock veterans released Morning View XXIII, a re-recording of their 2001 hit album which features the tracks “Nice To Know You”, “Wish You Were Here”, “Warning”, and more. Initially announced by the band earlier in February of this year, the re-recording features a re-energize yet faithful take on the iconic full-length. With the announcement also came the news of long-time bassist Ben Kenney stepping down from the band after 20 years or so. With this, Incubus’ touring bassist Nicole Row was announced to be officially filling in his shoes moving forward.

In an interview with Billboard, guitarist Mik Einzinger shared, “This new version [of Morning View] has been a jumping-off point, too, because we’ve been working on new music steadily over the last several months,” further stating that “all of it reinvigorated us in ways that are new, that are going to result in new music from us that’s different than music we made before.”

In the same interview, vocalist Brandon Boyd shared that the idea of re-recording the iconic album came from when, during the pandemic, they held an online live show inside “the room where we wrote and recorded the record”.“I was listening to the live recording, and it was good — but to me, it wasn’t special enough. And then we started playing with the idea of properly recording it,” he shared. This idea was eventually pushed further when the band played the entire album at the Hollywood Bowl in October 2023.

In celebration of the release of Morning View XXIII, the band is set to head on a US tour in August, playing the album in its entirety alongside many of their other iconic tracks. Meanwhile, the band is also in the process of writing their long-awaited follow-up album to 2017’s 8. In the aforementioned interview with Billboard, Boyd stated, “We’ve written probably half a record already,” and that they “have another 30 ideas that we’re still chipping away at, and it feels like we just got started.”

Most recently, Incubus held a concert in Manila at the Smart Araneta Coliseum last April 25 as part of their 2024 Asia tour.

Listen to Incubus’ Morning View XXIII below: