“Gigstretch!”, a fundraising gig and bazaar organized by Deadcat to help stray cats in Araneta City, has successfully raised a total of P25,575.

According to Cats of Araneta City, the amount will pay for outstanding vet bills, meds for beneficiary kittens, and cat food. The volunteer group will provide a transparency report at the end of October in relation to this initiative.

c a t p u k e

c a t p u k e photographed by Cesar Morales

Held on October 15 at Mow’s in Matalino, Quezon City, the gig featured bands with “cat” in their name, including Spacedog Spacecat, Catpuke, as well as Salem and the Stellar Cats.

Other “purrrrrrformances” that night came from bands whose names were slightly modified for the event to make use of cat puns. These were Turncats (Turncoats), The Purrrrest Blue (The Purest Blue), and Warpurrrrten (Warpten). Even the venue was affectionately called Meow’s (Mow’s) for the night.


Turncoats photographed by Cesar Morales

The event had a P300 door charge with a drink. Aside from the cat-themed bands, the gig featured an adoption booth and free stickers.

According to Cats of Araneta City, four-month-old kitten Pepper enjoyed Gigstretch! Meanwhile, it was just okay for eight-month-old Spring. For Kpop, around the same age as Spring, the show was “nevermind.”