In a world of Filipino love teams, there is one couple that truly stands out: Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Ogie Alcasid.

Their love story truly feels like one out of a storybook. You have Ogie, the songwriter, and Regine, his singer and muse. The two are powerhouses in their own rights, with Ogie having a celebrated and award-winning catalog of songs under his name, while Regine has sold over hundreds of thousands of records to this date.

Billboard Philippines sat down with the couple to talk about how music binds their love together, and their advice for fellow artists who are navigating the music industry together.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid and Ogie Alcasid

Billboard Philippines: Music brought the two of you together. How has music continued to play a role in your love story until now?

Ogie Alcasid: Wow…I don’t think our marriage will survive without music. Literally, figuratively, and spiritually. It seems to be the binding force that keeps us together. Specifically because of our jobs and because we are also using music to praise our Creator.

Regine Velasquez-Alcasid: That’s one thing that we have in common. We often talk about it, I’m also his biggest fan and I will remain to be his biggest fan. I’m number two — number one si Mommy (Mommy’s number one) — so I think the reason why our relationship also works is because we are each other’s number one fans. We support each other and…I think importante ‘yun pag pareho kayong job. Dapat may paniniwala kayo sa isa’t isa (I think that’s important when you both have the same jobs. You have to believe in each other).

Ogie: No one puts each other down.

Regine: No, we don’t. Sometimes, we would critique each other because it’s also important to do that. Especially at times when we needed to but we never put each other down.

Billboard Philippines: There are also many couples who find themselves in the same line of work, like being a songwriter or a singer. Do you ever find the need to separate the work side from the relationship side? Why or why not?

Ogie: We’re kind of able to segregate that automatically because of the nature of our relationship. I mean, we will always be talking about work, because it’s current. It’s relevant. But of course, when we talk about serious things that aren’t work related, we’re able to shut it off and transition to whatever topic it is, whether it’s family, health, or chismis (laughs).

Regine: One thing that we don’t do is hindi kami nakikialam sa career ng isa’t isa (We don’t meddle in each other’s careers). You know what I mean? We don’t do that kasi parang meron siyang (because he has own) manager, I also have my own manager…we do sometimes suggest na maybe we can do this or he would sometimes suggest to me na ‘maybe you can do this concept for an album…’ Pero hindi namin pinapakialam yung career ng isa’t isa (We don’t meddle in each other’s careers). Ever since before, automatic na ‘yun sa’min (it was automatic for us), that we don’t do that. As far as that is concerned, meron kaming (we have a) line for some reason that we never really talked about it, pero understood na ganunyun (But it’s understood that that’s the way it goes). And I think it works.

Ogie: Well, yeah. I’m still in love with you.

Regine: Wow! (laughs)

Billboard Philippines: If you could sum up your relationship with just one song, what would it be and why?

Ogie: For me…song mo eh (It’s your song, eh). “You Are My Song.”

Regine: Ako naman (For me)…“Kailangan Kita” [by Ogie Alcasid] (laughs). Totoo naman…kailangan kita! (It’s true…I do need you!)

Billboard Philippines: What is your advice to fellow artists who are in relationships within the music industry?

Ogie: It is so helpful to find someone who…creatively, you are excited to work with and at the same time, romantically, you are involved with. I think there’s a lot of magic there. There’s a lot of passion and thus, there will be a lot of fireworks. So, I think I would like to encourage them to keep going for it…Some of the biggest musical acts in the world — especially during our time — are couples who would be performing or creatively working together. It’s not always a happy ending, but the byproduct by such a romance is amazing. For that alone, I think it’s all worth it. But of course, as I said, when you’re navigating the music industry together there will be a lot of trials…the moment you are able to conquer all that, it’ll be smooth sailing.

Regine: Well…it’s not easy to find someone that you can actually work with and get along with in this industry, tapos (and then) to fall in love? It’s not really easy to do. So when you do, it’s wonderful. It’s wonderful to have someone believe in you and who will trust you and who will support you always. Alam mo yung…kahit anong gawin mo…yung na- rah rah sis boom bah ka, nakakatuwa eh. Alam mo na parang minsan, na “hindi ako masyadong magaling doon” pero…siya talaga ang mag- “Yes! You’re the best! You’re number one!”

(You know how…no matter what you do…there’s always someone who will [cheer] you on. It’s wonderful. You know how, sometimes, [you say] “I wasn’t really good then” but…they’re always going to say- “Yes! You’re the best! You’re number one!”)

‘Yun din ang kailangan mo (That’s what you need) for you to believe in what you can do. Minsan nahihinayang ng loob so kailangan mo ng tao (Sometimes, you feel uninspired, so you need someone) who will believe in your talent, di ba? Kung makakahanap ka ng tao na ganyan sa industriya nito, ipapakasal mo na siya (If you can find someone like that in this industry, marry them) (laughs). Like I said, it’s so hard to find someone to fall in love and for you to work with pa. That’s so hard to do. Kung makahanap ka ng tao na ganoon, go na (If you can find someone like that, go!) (laughs). This is it!