The 8th Asia Artist Awards happened just a few days ago, and we’re still not over the majority of the performances that took place at the prestigious occasion. 

Taking center stage at the iconic Philippine Arena on December 14, the event left an indelible mark on the K-pop and Asian entertainment landscape. The world’s largest indoor arena played host to an electrifying lineup of the hottest stars, seasoned veterans, and rising talents from Asia’s entertainment industry –– transforming the night into a musical extravaganza that transcended borders.

As the neon lights of the Philippine Arena flickered to life, a palpable excitement filled the air, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening that celebrated the very best in Asian music and entertainment. Not only did the event bring together a constellation of stars, but it also showcased the diverse and dynamic nature of the region’s creative prowess.

From powerhouse vocal performances to mesmerizing dance routines, the audience at the Philippine Arena witnessed a variety of musical genres and styles that reflected the rich mosaic of Asia’s cultural heritage. The event’s magnetic energy was further amplified by the sheer magnitude of the venue, as fans and industry insiders alike reveled in the grandeur of the spectacle unfolding before them.

Here, Billboard Philippines delves into the ten standout performances that defined the 8th Asia Artist Awards. From chart-topping sensations to surprising collaborations, the night was a testament to the unparalleled talent that continues to captivate audiences across the globe. Join us as we relive the magic, dissect the performances, and pay homage to the artists who left an indelible mark on the Philippine Arena stage.



STAYC. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

While recognized for their bubbly on-stage presence, STAYC was able to deliver a stellar performance on-stage that went beyond their cutesy demeanor. Filled with good vibes all throughout, the six-piece group showcased their talents not merely with their energetic choreography, but with the impressive vocal display each member displayed on stage. Even if the group’s live performances of “BUBBLE” and “TEDDY BEAR” were lovingly complemented by a hot pink Barbie dreamhouse backdrop as their visuals, what truly stood out most was the fact that their microphones were definitely on –– proving that these girls definitely have the vocal chops worth highlighting.



HORI7ON. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

Despite making their debut just earlier this year, HORI7ON’s live performance just proves that they definitely stand out as a group to watch out for. Their live performance of their hit track, “SIX7EEN“, delighted the entire audience with its special rock rendition, earning them thunderous applause and cheers throughout the Philippine Arena. Even without the support of backup dancers onstage, HORI7ON relied on their mere skills to go all out in giving the crowd a show, further emphasizing just how accomplished the group has come in such a short amount of time.



KARD. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

While Co-ed quartet KARD has yet to gain momentum in the Philippines, the entire audience at the Philippine Arena was left stunned by their performance –– some people surely have to take note of them. The group’s performance of “ICKY” and “CAKE” left a hard-hitting impression on the crowd, given that the sheer amount of confidence that each member conveyed with their dance moves did its job right. Captivating audiences with a mesmerizing blend of dark, edgy visuals and a sensual sound, the group’s stage presence was electrifying, showcasing both their individual talent and seamless group synergy from beginning to end.



THE BOYZ. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

IST Entertainment’s THE BOYZ undoubtedly had one of the best performances of the night, commanding the stage with their effortless charisma and synchronized swagger reverberating throughout the entire space of the Philippine Arena. Pairing their live performance impeccably well with the use of visuals and on-stage fireworks, it’s obvious that these guys have their own sense of artistry, one which enamors the crowd flirtatiously, yet is also self-assured with every movement of their on stage. For sure, this performance to “WATCH IT” had everyone’s eyes watching them in real-time –- while also serving as a reminder to surely keep an eye out for what’s next from them.



ITZY. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

Decked out in all white, the members of ITZY were visions to behold on the stage. Though Lia was absent from the performance, the other four members still managed to give it their all –– delivering a marvelous performance that gave justice to their title as one of the best 4th Gen acts. Yeji, Ryujin, Chaeryeong, and Yuna demonstrated an impactful stage presence that was made all the more impressive by the dance break they featured in the middle of their showcase. To those at the arena, hearing “Kill Shot” and “CAKE” live may have already stood as a highlight for many, but the girls of ITZY gave us visuals and more to prove to us and the rest of the world that they are, in fact, a formidable girl group on the scene.



STRAY KIDZ. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

In a sensational stage performance, JYP Entertainment’s Stray Kids delivered an unforgettable performance with their flawless live renditions of their greatest hits like “Maniac,” “Get Lit,” “Top Line,” and “Lalalala.” The eight-member ensemble captivated the audience with an electrifying spectacle that offered a mesmerizing blend of sonic and visual elements that seized everyone’s attention right from the initial beat. Particularly noteworthy was the precision in their stage execution during “Lalalala,” where Stray Kids’ seamless synchronization translated into an infectious energy that permeated the entire crowd. Without a doubt, Stray Kids succeeded in creating an epic showcase of their global talent –– to which the crowd appropriately responded with a wave of cheers and hype.



LE SSERAFIM. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

Thanks to LE SSERAFIM‘s performance, the Asia Artist Awards were truly a perfect night for those in attendance. There’s no question as to why the group was awarded the Best Performer award of the night, as their live showing for “Perfect Night” and “Eve, Psyche, & The Bluebeard’s Wife” left audiences in awe with the stunning display they put on stage. Yunjin, Chaewon, Eunchae, Sakura, and Kazuha all gave their best efforts to make a memorable debut for Filipino audiences, killing it with their incredible live vocals and perfect choreography (which is still ever-challenging), and also proving that these girls could stand as one of the best K-pop acts of the present. The entire crowd went feral for their performance, with some screaming every lyric to their songs and others dancing along in their seats –– further proving that perhaps these girls need to visit the Philippines for a solo show sometime very soon.



SEVENTEEN. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

Recognized as the energetic sub-unit of SEVENTEEN, BSS had everyone (and we mean everyone) up from their seats, singing and dancing the night away with their fantastic performances of “7 PM” and “Fighting“. Even featuring Lee Young Ji on stage with them for the latter, the celebrated rapper couldn’t even contain her amusement for BSS, as she ended up laughing away towards the impromptu, closing part of their joint performance. As the closing performance to the event, their live rendition of “Just Do It” was a fitting celebration of all the festivities that went on throughout the night –– as DK, Hoshi, and Seungkwan delivered an unparalleled level of energy that was infectious, entertaining, and highly engaging for every bit of the show. You could easily see that these three were having so much fun with their performance, which goes to show how astounding their showmanship skills are, and just how delightful of a state their music left the entire arena in.



NewJeans. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

Given their immense appeal worldwide and locally in the Philippines, it comes as no surprise that global chart-toppers NewJeans had one of the most anticipated performances of the night. To the luck of Filipino audiences, NewJeans exceeded expectations and put on a phenomenal presentation with their live renditions of an “OMG” remix, “ETA“, and crowd-favorite “Super Shy“. With one of the longest sets of the program (clocking in at above nine minutes), Hanni, Minji, Danielle, Hyein, and Haerin made perfect use of every second –– delivering a stunning showcase of angelic vocals and spectacularly choreographed staging that left the crowd in awe. With every lyric chanted across every corner of the Philippine Arena, it proved just how large the demand is for a solo concert in the future.

SB19 and &TEAM


SB19 + &TEAM. Courtesy of AAA Organizing Committee

SB19 has been killing it this year, with so many highlights in their career occurring throughout 2023. And what better way is there to cap off the year than with a highly lauded performance at one of the biggest awards shows in Asia? The group’s seven-minute performance at the show marked a strong start to the program with the group’s impressive display of Filipino talent on the global stage, as their medley of “Mana“, “Bazinga“, “CRIMZONE“, and “GENTO” had the audience in quite the frenzy as they went on. From the choreography, vocals, and stage presence, the entire set showcased SB19 at their very best –– and even featured a guest appearance from &TEAM, who performed “GENTO” alongside Justin, Stell, Ken, Pablo, and Josh. To see just how far they’ve come is a spectacular feat for the P-Pop genre, and also proves that no matter what happens in the future, SB19 have solidified their status as global stars in the making.

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