Acclaimed singer-songwriter Armi Millare dropped a surprise single titled “Whatever” last February 5.

“Whatever” follows the release of “Roots,” the first single off Millare’s upcoming debut solo album South Node. She released “Roots” in October of last year. In the Instagram post celebrating the release of “Roots,” she wrote, “My first club show since Feb 2020. It came with challenges like most things done for the first time after a long while, with room for improvement — a complete gamble.”

“I think that night was about seeing people come together. What I was being shown was the strength my team, musicians and the community (friends and family included) had, to share with me. I’ve always asked myself who ‘my people’ were and there’s my answer. I promise to give back tenfold. Seeing those who came out that evening (on a Wednesday no less), to give this thing a try again is something I will never forget. I’m being taught how to truly show up through all of you.”

In an exclusive interview with Billboard Philippines, Millare shared that she almost quit music after departing from UDD (formerly known as Up Dharma Down). “I really thought that I just didn’t fit into [music] anymore. But often I ask myself, ‘Then, what am I going to do?’ This is all I’ve done.”

“Now that I’m doing this again after a considerable amount of time, thinking that this is something I want to be for the rest of my life, I feel very at one in my craft…I have a full sense of my self-concept and I will treat it a lot like life should be treated — with discernment and still being able to make peace with the unpleasant bits. Some of these I unwittingly caused being young, and now I’m just a little bit more aware of things, and most especially surrounded by people who are motivated by the same things.”

Listen to Armi Millare’s newest single, “Whatever,” below.