Warner Music Asia and Prism Studios, an entertainment and music entity associated with the prominent Korean TV network SBS, have forged an exciting collaboration to co-develop a music audition TV series titled “Its MVP.” This groundbreaking project is designed to unearth and showcase emerging Southeast Asian idols, providing them with a vibrant platform to display their talents. The initiative, spanning six key markets – Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam – will feature contestants competing nationally in their respective seasons. Winners from each season will then advance to Korea for a final face-off, vying for the coveted title of the best idol group in the region.

Prism Studios, renowned for producing hits like “Running Man,” will take on the role of executive producer, utilizing its expertise and extensive reach as a top TV platform in Korea to contribute to the program’s success. Meanwhile, Warner Music Asia, as the exclusive music partner, will play a crucial role in shaping the musical direction of “Its MVP” and will have the privilege of signing the winning artists, solidifying its position as a leading music label in the region.

Co-Presidents of Warner Music Asia, Jonathan Serbin, and Chris Gobalakrishna, all expressed their delight in partnering with Prism Studios, highlighting the cross-border nature of the music show and its potential to showcase the strength of Warner Music Asia in the local music industry. They emphasized the commitment to supporting up-and-coming artists and idols from across Asia, foreseeing the show as a platform for aspiring talents to shine on a regional stage. Gobalakrishna, also added, “Through “Its MVP”, we aim to create a platform where dreams come true and where the next generation of idols can rise to stardom, engaging audiences across Asia and beyond. We are confident that this partnership will highlight the boundless creativity and diversity of the Asian music landscape, and further strengthen Warner Music Asia’s position as a leading force in the industry.”

Choi Young In, CEO of Prism Studios, shared his excitement about the collaboration, framing it as a K-pop project that would open up new possibilities for the music industry in Asia. The project aims to demonstrate Prism Studios’ leadership in the K-pop market and enhance the influence of the original nation of K-pop. As the filming of “Its MVP” and auditions kick-off, further announcements are expected, promising an unfolding journey that will uncover exceptional talents from across Asia.