After much speculation, Spotify has officially introduced its highly-anticipated AI-powered playlist feature in select markets. Available exclusively to Spotify Premium subscribers on Android and iOS devices in the UK and Australia, the new AI Playlist tool promises a personalized music experience like never before.

“With the AI Playlist, Spotify aims to revolutionize how users discover music,” said a spokesperson in its announcement. The tool utilizes artificial intelligence to generate music suggestions based on text prompts provided by users. From creating an indie folk playlist for a cozy vibe to curating a selection of tracks that are perfect for relaxation during allergy season, the AI Playlist offers a tailored listening experience.

Users have the flexibility to preview and delete tracks suggested by the AI, as well as refine their playlist with additional prompts such as requesting more pop or toning down the upbeat tunes. “While still in beta testing, the AI Playlist represents our commitment to enhancing user engagement and satisfaction,” remarked Spotify CEO Daniel Ek. “We’re constantly iterating on this new feature to better serve our listeners.”

spotify ai playlist feature beta

Courtesy of Spotify

To activate the AI Playlist, users in the UK and Australia can access it through the “Your Library” section of their Spotify app. Simply tapping the “+” button and selecting “AI Playlist” will initiate the personalized curation process. “Just like that, Spotify will help you curate a personalized playlist based on the tracks, artists, and genres we think you’ll like,” stated the company in its announcement.

Despite the excitement surrounding the AI Playlist’s debut, Spotify remains focused on further advancements in artificial intelligence. Ek emphasized the potential for AI to enhance the platform’s overall accessibility and user experience. “I think you’re going to see a lot more of that, where we can contextualize and personalize content across the entire platform to make it more accessible,” Ek commented.

The AI Playlist joins a suite of AI-powered features developed by Spotify, including an AI DJ function and a forthcoming AI voice translation tool for podcasts. As the company continues to leverage AI technology, Ek anticipates improvements in engagement, retention, and value for both users and advertisers alike.

“AI at Spotify is going to be massive,” Ek declared during a recent earnings call. “We’re just scratching the surface of what’s possible.”