There’s no doubt about the impact of K-pop group SEVENTEEN and their reach with Filipino audiences, but the official statistics have come in and shown that the group has shattered their own records with their recent performances in the Philippines for their ‘FOLLOW TO’ Tour.

According to Touring Data, a verified concert box office tracker, the 13-piece boy group earned their singular highest-grossing concert of all time on January 13, 2024 –– earning a total of $5.821 million (roughly Php 324,396,900.00 in pesos) alone from their first-day show at the Philippine Sports Stadium. The combined gross earnings of their two-day residency at Bulacan took home earnings with a total amount of USD 11,641,788 (estimated around PHP 651,375,501.28), even with an attendance rate of 54,035 tickets sold which marks an 88.01% filled capacity of the venue.

In comparison to other countries like Japan, Thailand, and Macau, the Philippine shows grossed at least USD 1 million more than three consecutive shows at the Vantelin Dome in Nagoya, Japan (which had earned a total of USD 10,642,941 from 107,239 tickets sold). Aside from Nagoya, SEVENTEEN performed a total of twelve shows across the country, including three more shows in Osaka, with two shows each in Tokyo, Fukuoka, and Saitama.

From Billboard Philippines’ review of their ‘FOLLOW TO’ concert, the show was described to be more than “just a concert”, as it was a “celebration of love and unity, an unspoken pact between the band and their fans to weather any storm together.” Both days of the revelatory concert were righteously sold-out, as it served as the perfect example of showmanship on the grandest scale that goes on a whole other level. As the show was described, “SEVENTEEN’s ability to bridge the gap between the stage and the crowd is what elevates their concerts into more than a musical spectacle. It becomes a shared experience, a celebration of a bond that’s uniquely ours and theirs.”

Listen to SEVENTEEN’s latest mini-album “SEVENTEENTH HEAVEN” below: