Modern Media Group Inc., the home of Billboard Philippines, Nylon Manila, and the forthcoming Robb Report Philippines, has announced its acquisition of the license for the Philippine edition of the award-winning global authority on music, politics, and culture, Rolling Stone.

As part of a licensing agreement between Modern Media Group Inc. (MMGI) and Rolling Stone, Rolling Stone Philippines will join the ranks of other internationally acclaimed editions, including those in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia. MMGI, which already boasts brands like NYLON Manila and Billboard Philippines, adds another heavyweight title to its portfolio as it continues Rolling Stone’s mission to deliver cutting-edge music journalism and socio-cultural commentary to a wider audience.

“We are thrilled to introduce Rolling Stone in the Philippines, a nation with a rich musical heritage and a vibrant cultural scene,” says Anne Bernisca, COO of Modern Media Group Inc. “Our goal is to maintain the magazine’s tradition reflecting global standards while also exploring fresh perspectives and voices of the Filipino. This expansion is a testament to our dedication to fostering a diverse and inclusive media environment where all stories can be told.”

“The launch of Rolling Stone Philippines represents a significant step in our efforts to bring the magazine’s iconic voice to new markets,” adds Gus Wenner, CEO of Rolling Stone. “We look forward to working with Modern Media Group to deliver content that is both locally relevant and globally engaging.”

“Rolling Stone has been a beacon of social, cultural, and musical commentary for over five decades. We’re excited to see how our audience will engage with Rolling Stone’s rich heritage and forward-thinking content. We are committed to preserving the magazine’s legacy while also embracing the unique cultural landscapes of the Philippines,” affirms Archie G. Carrasco, CEO of AGC Power Holdings Corp., the parent company of Modern Media Group Inc.

“This expansion is more than just a growth strategy; it’s an opportunity to amplify diverse voices and stories that matter. We are committed to upholding the values of integrity, creativity, and passion that Rolling Stone stands for, and we look forward to this new chapter in our journey,” concludes Bernisca.

Together with Billboard Philippines‘ role as the music authority in the country, Rolling Stone Philippines aims to provide readers with comprehensive coverage of music, entertainment, social topics, and pop culture. It will highlight a mix of both globally recognized content and locally relevant stories curated through the lens of the Filipino experience, offering a unique perspective on the music industry and sociocultural trends.

For more information about Rolling Stone Philippines and its upcoming launch event, visit their official website here.