According to a statistical analysis by Music Business Worldwide, the popular music recognition app Shazam has reached a record-breaking amount of 300 million app users monthly from all across the world.

The Shazam app, which was bought by tech conglomerate Apple last 2018 for USD 400 Million, reached several milestones over the past few years –– including 70 billion song recognitions as of August 2022, 2 billion app installations as of May 2022, and at least 1 billion Shazams per month in June 2021. Since its first appearance in Apple’s App Store in the year 2008, the tech company has credited the app as “one of the longest-standing applications” on the platform, and “has been one of the earliest and strongest signals” over the past 20 years “of what the world is listening to” per their official statement.

From the statistical data provided, Apple has noted the growth of the Shazam app in countries like Africa and South Korea, especially with the growth of K-pop and African genres –– which have been deemed as some of the “fastest-growing genres” on the platform.

Tracks like Rema’s “Calm Down” have attained the No. 1 spot on Shazam’s Top 100 Songs for 2023, having spent the most amount of time on top of the charts over the past year in comparison to other songs. FIFTY FIFTY’s viral hit “Cupid” reached No. 3 on Shazam’s global charts, reaching heights comparable to K-pop acts like BTS and its members solo endeavors on the platform’s charts.

As noted by the report, other new additions as of late October 2023 in the Shazam app include their latest feature of having a new hub that allows users to discover live music events in their nearby vicinities –– all of which are based of their personalized music tastes from what they Shazam’d on the platform. The new feature, aptly titled ‘Concerts’, makes use of a users Shazam history to deliver curated event recommendations –– providing them with the ability to browse and filter these events all from the application.