Ryan Gallagher, a beloved contestant from The Voice USA, is making significant strides in his career as he signs an exclusive artist management contract with Ice Seguerra‘s Fire and Ice Music this month. The Los Angeles-based artist expressed his gratitude, stating that Fire and Ice’s belief in his talent and excitement for his future played a pivotal role in his decision.

Gallagher, known for his standout performance on The Voice USA in 2019, showcased his classical prowess with a rendition of Andrea Bocelli and Celine Dion’s “The Prayer.” Now, the classically trained musician is set to expand his musical horizons in the Philippines, considering it his second home. His inaugural solo concert in Manila, titled “The Voice of Ryan,” aims to introduce him as a foreign artist on the local music scene.

Reflecting on the collaboration, Fire and Ice Music emphasized Gallagher’s potential, noting his decade-long singing experience. The company, led by industry veterans Seguerra and his wife Liza Diño-Seguerra, expressed their commitment to nurturing emerging artists like Gallagher. Seguerra, with 37 years in the industry, sees this collaboration as an opportunity to guide and support talents seeking sustainability in their careers –– also describing Gallagher as “a gifted and talented artist”. “We’re here to make sure that we are bringing out the best in him; we are showcasing not just his being a classical singer but tapping into aspects about him that will also make him more relatable to his fans,” he adds.

Fire and Ice Music has strategically outlined a roadmap for Gallagher’s career in the Philippines, focusing on authenticity, versatility, and deep audience engagement through social media and music. The plan includes concerts, a full album, single releases, collaborations with local acts, and international tours. Looking ahead, Gallagher expressed his desire to explore acting projects alongside music endeavors, emphasizing his goal of building a sustainable career. He sees his role as an artist as one of service, aiming to inspire and uplift people through his music.

Fire and Ice Music, under the umbrella of Fire and Ice Media and Productions, Inc., boasts a full-service media and production platform founded by Asia’s Acoustic Icon Ice Seguerra and Filipino film producer and actress Liza Diño-Seguerra.

Listen to Ryan Gallagher’s latest single “The Feeling of Christmas” below: