Celebrating the reveal of the newest Valorant agent Clove, Valorant Philippines is holding a launch party this April.

Featuring Dilaw, PLAYERTWO, as well as DJ Sigrid, the show will be happening this April 1. More details regarding the event have yet to be announced. Watch this space for updates.

Valorant Philippines first officially teased the event last March 24, uploading a poster on their social media featuring the three artists’ names and the date “04_01_24” alongside a simple caption of “Putting on a show”. Prior to this, the three acts also posted similar poster with their individual names on their respective social media accounts last March 23.

These came a few days before Clove, the newest Valorant agent (the designation of in-game characters) was unveiled to the public prior to the finals of the 2024 Valorant Champions Tour: Madrid Masters in Spain on March 24. The first non-binary agent in the game, it was revealed earlier in March that they (then known only as Agent 25) are going to be a Controller-type and the sixth agent overall in this category following the likes of Brimstone, Astra, Viper, and Omen.

One of the four roles agents are assigned to in the game, Controllers are known for their skills that are aimed at setting up fights and providing assistance to their allies through means such as helping gain control over a certain space through AOE or area of effect attacks or obstructing the vision of their adversaries through their abilities.

Prior to the new agent’s release, Valorant Philippines posted on their social media multiple videos on the latest addition to the game’s character roster, including an official gameplay reveal, an agent reveal trailer, as well as a post individually showcasing the agent’s abilities. Before this, multiple posts featuring artwork hinting at the new character were also posted on Valorant Philippines’s social media.

Clove will officially be released starting March 26.

The upcoming launch party would not be the first time the hit video game would be working together with Filipino artists. Last January 2022, it was revealed that Filipino-Australian singer Ylona Garcia had collaborated with Valorant to create the theme song for their first ever Filipino agent Neon, titled “Entertain Me”.