Regine Velasquez-Alcasid has revealed that she neither intends to start her own music school nor become a professional teacher at the moment.

“I don’t picture myself as a teacher. I don’t want to end up just teaching nonsense to them. ‘Wag na lang [Perhaps not],” Velasquez-Alcasid told the Philippine Daily Inquirer.

However, she reassured younger musicians that they could still approach her if they ever needed advice. “I’m happy that these young artists come to me when they want my advice on something. I feel happy because I get to share with them my experiences. I have no problem with that aspect. I feel that’s how it should be.”

Asia’s Songbird said that her nearly four-decade career would go to waste if she didn’t relate her lessons to today’s generation.

“In the 37 years I have been singing, what will I do with all those experiences? Will they just die with me? I might as well share my experiences with kids. Hopefully, my words of wisdom will make their journey a little less stressful,” Velasquez-Alcasid said.

Her primary advice to them is simply to “just show up.” She recommended facing one’s fans and fears regardless of the circumstances.

“That’s all they have to do. Whatever the state of their minds and hearts at the moment, whatever the quality of their voice is, they should just show up. It’s true what they say that ‘the show must go on.’ It really has to. The audiences don’t know what’s happening to you and they don’t really need to know. You just have to keep showing up,” Velasquez-Alcasid added.

The veteran singer said dealing with such concerns is all part of the job. “That’s what we do—we are entertainers. I hope that I am able to say this often enough. You have to keep repeating yourself to them so that they will absorb what you’re saying.”

Velasquez-Alcasid is the best-selling Filipino music artist of all time with over seven million records sold domestically. She has scores of accolades from MTV Asia Awards, Awit Awards, Aliw Awards, and Star Awards for Music, among others.

Those who have cited her as an influence include the likes of Mark Bautista, Yeng Constantino, Kyla, Morissette, Julie Anne San Jose, Aicelle Santos, Erik Santos, KZ Tandingan, Jona Viray, Jake Zyrus, and many others.