Denise Julia has shared a medical update with Bilats (her loyal fanbase), revealing that she had recently went to the doctor’s due to a persistent “sore throat” that felt different from her previous experiences.

“Ok letting it out just so I keep everyone updated with life,” Julia posted on social media. “Went to the doctor today because I’ve had a really bad sore throat for quite some time and it’s different than ones I’ve had before.”

“I’ve had chronic tonsillitis, and currently my tonsils are Grade 3. I’m glad to have been able to put out my album before finding out about all of this,” Julia continued, referring to her debut mini-album, Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1).

She has since expressed optimism that her operation will be successful, asking Bilats to keep streaming in the meantime. “Please keep me in your prayers! Hopefully, the operation goes well… Meanwhile, keep streamin’ the album! I’ll be back in the studio before you guys know it.”

Otolaryngologist Anthony Jahn wrote for Classical Singer Magazine that removal of the tonsils is rarely a problem with no damage and even “usually has a positive effect” on the patient and their voice. He emphasized the importance of undergoing the procedure if medically indicated.

“Chronic tonsillitis that occurs repeatedly with stress results in canceled auditions and performances, frequent visits to the doctor, and repeated courses of antibiotics,” Jahn wrote. “Enlarged tonsils in singers have a direct mechanical impact on the voice. The singer may have difficulty achieving full vocal resonance and, in some cases, the voice always sounds somewhat covered.”

Sweet Nothings (Chapter 1) was released on November 17. Running for around 22 minutes, Julia’s debut mini-album contains seven tracks: “B.A.D.”, “Lackin'”, “Sugar n’ Spice”, “bum 2 me (feat. Jason Dhakal)”, “Roster (feat. HILLARI)”, “butterflies”, and “butterflies (2 a.m. Version)”.