Look no further: the Coca Cola Limited Edition K-Wave Zero Sugar drink is finally coming to shelves in the Philippines.

The drink, which is part of their Coca Cola Creations line, is inspired by the energy and zest of K-Pop fandom, which is why it features fruity and sweet notes. As part of their campaign, they also released a collaborative track, music video, and digital experience with ITZY, NMIXX, Stray Kids, and JYP himself titled “Like Magic.”

As part of their interactive experience, fans can visit Coca Cola’s K-Wave microsite for the “Like Magic” Fan Music Video AI Experience, where you can input your name, voice, and face and get a cameo in the “Like Magic” music video.

“Music weaves a special kind of magic across cultures,” says Mark Dee, Senior Marketing Director at Coca-Cola Philippines in a press statement. “Even when the words might be different, Filipinos have a special gift for connecting with the emotions and energy of a song. That’s why we’ve embraced K-pop so wholeheartedly – it’s a perfect blend of catchy melodies, infectious rhythms, and a cultural connection that resonates across borders. And with Coca-Cola Creations K-Wave, we’re celebrating this love and devotion to music in all its forms.”

In the same statement, the brand teased that they will be hosting a K-Wave concert sometime this June, featuring multiple acts from JYP Entertainment like Stray Kids, ITZY, and NMIXX. They also shared that other “K-Pop sensations” will be in attendance. More details have yet to be announced as of writing.

Coca Cola’s Limited Edition K-Wave Zero Sugar was made available in the Philippines on May 13. Interested customers can purchase their drinks at select 7-11 stores and SM Supermarket branches nationwide.