Much like music, good food has the power to transport you to incredible places that soothe the heart and soul. In the case of Supersam, they bring together familiar homegrown flavors and international specialities to journey patrons to spaces that feel like home. 

Supersam is a local restaurant concept, born out of care and compassion for those in need. Centered around the notion of samahan, a Filipino core value that roughly translates to ‘togetherness’, the restaurant started off as a delivery service in 2020 to provide livelihood to those affected by the pandemic. 

Platters of food made by Supersam PH

Courtesy of SuperSam PH.

“Supersam’s journey began with our earnest desire to offer a (lifeline or livelihood) to displaced restaurant workers, a commitment deeply ingrained in our philosophy. This dedication echoes through every dish we serve, as we meticulously curate traditional meals that not only provide comfort but also reflect the enduring Filipino legacy of resilience and unity,” co-founder of Supersam, Gerry Sy.

Since then, Supersam has grown into a food and lifestyle destination that creates a warm and welcoming environment for all, and of course, that serves delicious meals you’ll keep coming back to. 

Courtesy of SuperSam PH.

In line with their mission to add that smidgen of passion and flavor to the mundane, Supersam holds Supersam Live Sessions, a weekly event that merges two integral aspects of Filipino culture — food and music. 

“Supersam Live Sessions was born from the owners’ vision to integrate live music seamlessly into the dining experience. This unique concept blends food, music, and camaraderie to create unforgettable moments, offering a welcoming space for families and friends to enjoy great music together, fostering bonds in a fun but relaxing atmosphere after a long week,” says Sy.

“In essence, Supersam Live Sessions encapsulates the true Filipino spirit of Supersamahan,”

A photo being taken of food made by Supersam PH.

Courtesy of SuperSam PH.

Every weekend, Supersam hosts intimate gigs that whisks customers away with live performances from some of the country’s biggest and most exciting acts. Throughout their sessions, Supersam has invited the likes of Ice Seguerra, The Dawn, Truefaith, Freestyle, Joey G, Nina, and more to serenade guests as they relish in international dishes with a Filipino flair.

This March, they’ve put together an exciting lineup of acts including Sitti, MYMP, Noel Cabangon, Nyoy Volante, and more to grace the stage every Saturday and Sunday at Supersam Scout Tobias.